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Szacilowski, Konrad - Infochemistry: Information Processing at the Nanoscale, ebook

Infochemistry: Information Processing at the Nanoscale

Szacilowski, Konrad

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Further topics: Traditional electronic device development is rapidly approaching a limit, so molecular scale information processing is critical in order to meet increasing demand for high computational power Characterizes chemical systems not according to their chemical nature, but according to their

Joachim, Christian - Atomic Scale Interconnection Machines, ebook

Atomic Scale Interconnection Machines

Joachim, Christian


The DUF Project: A UHV Factory for Multi-Interconnection of a Molecule Logic Gates on Insulating Substrate
D. Martrou, L. Guiraud, R. Laloo, B. Pecassou, P. Abeilhou, O. Guillermet, E. Dujardin, S. Gauthier, J. Polesel Maris,

Gaspar-Cunha, António - Soft Computing in Industrial Applications, ebook

Soft Computing in Industrial Applications

Gaspar-Cunha, António


Application of Fuzzy Logic in Preference Management for Detailed Feedbacks
Zhengping Wu, Hao Wu
14. Negative Biofeedback for Enhancing Proprioception Training on Wobble Boards
Alpha Agape Gopalai, S. M. N. Arosha Senanayake
15. TDMA Scheduling in Wireless

Peper, F. - Natural Computing, ebook

Natural Computing

Peper, F.


Noise-Based Logic and Computing: From Boolean Logic Gates to Brain Circuitry and Its Possible Hardware Realization
Laszlo B. Kish, S. M. Bezrukov, S. P. Khatri, Z. Gingl, S. Sethuraman

Amara, Amara - Emerging Technologies and Circuits, ebook

Emerging Technologies and Circuits

Amara, Amara


CMOS Logic Gates Leakage Modeling Under Statistical Process Variations
Carmelo D’Agostino, Philippe Flatresse, Edith Beigne, Marc Belleville
15. On-Chip Circuit Technique for Measuring Jitter and Skew with Picosecond

Beiu, Valeriu - Nano-Net, ebook


Beiu, Valeriu


On the Reliability of Interconnected CMOS Gates Considering MOSFET Threshold-Voltage Variations
Mawahib Hussein Sulieman
34. On Wires Holding a Handful of Electrons
Valeriu Beiu, Walid Ibrahim, Rafic Z. Makki
35. Improving Nano-circuit Reliability Estimates