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Markham, Noel - Java Programming Interviews Exposed, ebook

Java Programming Interviews Exposed

Markham, Noel


If you are a skilled Java programmer but are concerned about the Java coding interview process, this real-world guide can help you land your next position
Java is a popular and powerful language that is a virtual requirement for businesses making use of IT in their daily operations. For

Mann, Steve - The Research Interview, ebook

The Research Interview

Mann, Steve


Research Interviews: Modes and Types
Steve Mann
5. Managing Interview Interaction
Steve Mann
6. Dilemmas and Parameters
Steve Mann
7. Beyond the Individual
Steve Mann
8. Transcripts and Analysis
Steve Mann
9. Representation

Tasman, Allan - The Psychiatric Interview: Evaluation and Diagnosis, ebook

The Psychiatric Interview: Evaluation and Diagnosis

Tasman, Allan


While the ABPN has now supplied such standards for psychiatry, psychiatric interviewing instruction has not been standardized in the US or in other countries.  Similarly, the few psychiatric interviewing books available are written in textbook form,

Allen, Jeffrey G. - The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book, ebook

The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book

Allen, Jeffrey G.


"The ultimate job interview book! A systematic, foolproof way to generate offers. No job seeker should be without it."
-National Job Market
"The programmed system works because it is a simple, practical, proven way to interview properly.

Bogner, Alexander - Interviewing Experts, ebook

Interviewing Experts

Bogner, Alexander


Introduction: Expert Interviews — An Introduction to a New Methodological Debate
Alexander Bogner, Beate Littig, Wolfgang Menz
Part I. Theoretical Concepts: Methodology of Expert Interviews
2. The Expert Interview

He, Harry - Coding Interviews, ebook

Coding Interviews

He, Harry


Table of contents
1. Interview Process
Harry He
2. Programming Languages
Harry He
3. Data Structures
Harry He
4. Algorithms
Harry He
5. High Quality Code
Harry He
6. Approaches to Solutions
Harry He
7. Optimization
Harry He
8. Skills for Interviews
Harry He

Heydon, Georgina - The Language of Police Interviewing, ebook

The Language of Police Interviewing

Heydon, Georgina


Table of contents
1. Police Institutional Discourse
Georgina Heydon
2. Tools for the Analysis of Police Interviews
Georgina Heydon
3. An Analysis of the Interview Structure
Georgina Heydon
4. The Institutional Embedding of Authority
Georgina Heydon
5. Interviewing Children: the VATE Approach

Binder, James - Pediatric Interviewing, ebook

Pediatric Interviewing

Binder, James


The Shut-Down Interview and Relationships
James Binder
2. The Medical Interview: The Opening Phase
James Binder
3. History of Present Illness
James Binder
4. Concluding Phase
James Binder
5. Family

Smith, Chris - How to Succeed at the Medical Interview, ebook

How to Succeed at the Medical Interview

Smith, Chris


Doctors are likely to undergo several interviews of different types during their career, and this new title in the popular 'How to' series aims to guide the medical professional through the steps necessary to thoroughly prepare for this competitive process.
Contents include: