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Heijer, Maarten den - Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2015, ebook

Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2015

Heijer, Maarten den


Jus Cogens as the ‘Highest Law’? Peremptory Norms and Legal Hierarchies
Thomas Kleinlein
8. In Quest of the Practical Value of Jus Cogens Norms
Elizabeth Santalla Vargas
9. Constitutional Conversations in the Anthropocene: In Search of Environmental

Börzel, Tanja A. - Governance Transfer by Regional Organizations, ebook

Governance Transfer by Regional Organizations

Börzel, Tanja A.


Against All Odds: Strong Democratic Norms in the African Union
Julia Leininger
4. Writing the Script? ECOWAS’s Military Intervention Mechanism
Christof Hartmann, Kai Striebinger
5. Agent Run Amuck: The SADC Tribunal and Governance Transfer Roll-back

Bergh, Sylvia I. - Migration, Gender and Social Justice, ebook

Migration, Gender and Social Justice

Bergh, Sylvia I.


The State and Female Internal Migration: Rights and Livelihood Security
7. 7 Traversing Myriad Trails: Tracking Gender and Labour Migration across India
Indrani Mazumdar, Indu Agnihotri
8. 8 From ‘Integration into Cities’ to ‘An Integrated Society’: