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Kotaru, V. Keerti - Material Design implementation with AngularJS, ebook

Material Design implementation with AngularJS

Kotaru, V. Keerti


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Angular Material
V. Keerti Kotaru
2. Getting Started
V. Keerti Kotaru
3. Layout Management
V. Keerti Kotaru
4. Navigation & Container Elements
V. Keerti Kotaru
5. Action Buttons
V. Keerti Kotaru
6. Themes
V. Keerti Kotaru
7. Forms

Bowling, Jonathan - Diagnostic Dermoscopy: The Illustrated Guide, ebook

Diagnostic Dermoscopy: The Illustrated Guide

Bowling, Jonathan


Ideal for clinic use, both for diagnosis and for explaining to the patient, this guide provides:A quick reference atlas guide to the diagnosis skin lesions, especially, but not limited to, those that are cancerous Icons for each condition linked to high definition dermoscopy and clinical

Squires, Claire - Marketing Literature, ebook

Marketing Literature

Squires, Claire


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Claire Squires
Part I. Marketing Literature: Contexts and Theory
2. Publishing Contexts and Market Conditions
Claire Squires
3. Literature and Marketing
Claire Squires
4. Genre in the Marketplace
Claire Squires
Part II. Publishing Histories
5. Icons and

Alexander, Jeffrey C. - Iconic Power, ebook

Iconic Power

Alexander, Jeffrey C.


The Making of Humanitarian Visual Icons: On the 1921–1923 Russian Famine as Foundational Event
Fuyuki Kurasawa
6. Seeing Tragedy in the News Images of September 11
Wendy Bowler
7. The Emergence of Iconic Depth: Secular Icons

Hollington, Jesse D. - iPod and iTunes Portable Genius, ebook

iPod and iTunes Portable Genius

Hollington, Jesse D.


Watch for the "Genius" icons and find smart, innovative ways to get more from your iPod and iTunes.Shows beginners how to set up and use the iPod and iTunesOffers plenty of intermediate-to-advanced information about troubleshooting, using scripts to maximize iTunes,

Arrick, Roger - Robot Building For Dummies, ebook

Robot Building For Dummies

Arrick, Roger


Discover what robots can do and how they work

Find out how to build your own robot and program it to perform tasks

Ready to enter the robot world? This book is your passport! It walks you through building your very own little metal assistant from a kit, dressing it up, giving it a brain, programming

Dolan, Josephine - Contemporary Cinema and 'Old Age', ebook

Contemporary Cinema and 'Old Age'

Dolan, Josephine


The Silvering of Celebrity Stardom: Late-Style Icons and Brain Age(d) Gender
Josephine Dolan
4. Performing Gender and ‘Old Age’: Silvering Beauty and Having a Laugh
Josephine Dolan
5. The Silvering of Genre: Deferred Retirement and Hard-bodied Dissonance

Goldstein, Jack - 101 Amazing Victoria Beckham Facts, ebook

101 Amazing Victoria Beckham Facts

Goldstein, Jack


Are you the world’s biggest Victoria Beckham Fan? Do you know everything there is to know about the ex-Spice Girl and one of today's greatest fashion icons? Then this is the book for you! In this easy-to-digest eBook are 101 facts about your favourite celebrity – do you know all of them? Test

Wagner, Richard - Christian Prayer For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Christian Prayer For Dummies®

Wagner, Richard


Advice and examples help you find your own prayer style
Discover how prayer works and why you need it now more than ever
Do you want to pray, but you're not sure how? This friendly guide explains the different kinds of prayer - revealing how and why to pray and how to discern God's answers. You'll see how to overcome hindrances,