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Charles, Victoria - 1000 Meisterwerke der Angwandten Kunst, ebook

1000 Meisterwerke der Angwandten Kunst

Charles, Victoria


Von der antiken sumerischen Töpferkunst zur Glasmalerei Tiffanys, angewandte Kunst bildete über Generationen hinweg einen wichtigen Teil der menschlichen Erfahrungswelt. Während die bildenden Künste in Museen und Galerien bewundert werden, ist die…

Carl, Klaus - 1000 Portraits de génie, ebook

1000 Portraits de génie

Carl, Klaus


Si le portrait devait, avant tout, être la représentation fidèle de son modèle, selon des canons strictement définis, cette galerie de 1000 portraits montre au contraire, combien ce genre fut bousculé au fil de l’histoire et s’avère être beaucoup…

Carl, Klaus - 1000 Portraits of Genius, ebook

1000 Portraits of Genius

Carl, Klaus


According to the defined canons of art technique, a portrait should be, above all, a faithful representation of its model. However, this gallery of 1000 portraits illustrates how the genre has been transformed throughout history, and has proven itself…

Charles, Victoria - 1000 Masterpieces of Decorative Art, ebook

1000 Masterpieces of Decorative Art

Charles, Victoria


From ancient Sumerian pottery to Tiffany stained glass, decorative art has been a fundamental part of the human experience for generations. While fine art is confined to galleries and museums, decorative art is the art of the every day, combining beauty…

Baird, David - Frommer's Texas, ebook

Frommer's Texas

Baird, David


You'll also get up-to-the-minute coverage of shopping and nightlife; accurate neighborhood maps; the best historial sites (the Alamo, Dealey Plaza); and advice on planning a successful family vacation.Destination highlights include all the major cities (Dallas, Fort