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Turri, John - Virtuous Thoughts: The Philosophy of Ernest Sosa, ebook

Virtuous Thoughts: The Philosophy of Ernest Sosa

Turri, John


Table of contents
1. Virtue, Intuition, and Philosophical Methodology
Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa
2. Objective Value and Requirements
Noah Lemos
3. Realism and Relativism
Allan Hazlett
4. The Metaphysics of Persons
Gary S. Rosenkrantz
5. Self-Conception: Sosa on De Se Thought
Manuel García-Carpintero

Romero, Eva Karene - Film and Democracy in Paraguay, ebook

Film and Democracy in Paraguay

Romero, Eva Karene


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Eva Karene Romero
2. Hamaca paraguaya (2006): The Campesino and Circular Time
Eva Karene Romero
3. Frankfurt (2008): Documentary, Fútbol and the Campesino Icon in Paraguay
Eva Karene Romero
4. Rape of the Nation: Karai norte (2009) and Noche adentro (2010)

Thompson, Michael J. - The Palgrave Handbook of Critical Theory, ebook

The Palgrave Handbook of Critical Theory

Thompson, Michael J.


Why Students of the Frankfurt School Will Have to Read Lukács
Andrew Feenberg
Part II. Critical Epistemology and the Aims of Social Research
7. Critical Theory and the Historical Transformations of Capitalist Modernity
Moishe Postone
8. Critical

Malloch, Margaret - Crime, Critique and Utopia, ebook

Crime, Critique and Utopia

Malloch, Margaret


Utopia and Penal Constraint: The Frankfurt School and Critical Criminology
Bill Munro
4. Erich Fromm: From Messianic Utopia to Critical Criminology
Michael Löwy
5. Crime and Punishment in Classical and Libertarian Utopias
Vincenzo Ruggiero

Wunderlich, Bernhard - A Science Career Against all Odds, ebook

A Science Career Against all Odds

Wunderlich, Bernhard


Goethe University, Frankfurt, Federal Republic of Germany, 1953–1954
Bernhard Wunderlich
6. Study in the US, 1954–1958
Bernhard Wunderlich
7. Cornell University, 1958–1963
Bernhard Wunderlich
8. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy,

Madarász, Jeannette Z. - Working in East Germany, ebook

Working in East Germany

Madarász, Jeannette Z.


Halbleiterwerk Frankfurt/Oder: Falling Behind the Times
Jeannette Z. Madarász
7. Chemiefaserwerk Premnitz: Creating a Home for Thousands
Jeannette Z. Madarász
8. Conflicts and Solutions
Jeannette Z. Madarász
9. Conclusion: Normality in the