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McElhaney, Joe - A Companion to Fritz Lang, ebook

A Companion to Fritz Lang

McElhaney, Joe


The first edited collection of essays on Fritz Lang’sbody of work in over thirty yearsA comprehensive assessment of one of cinema’s mostinfluential figuresBrings together key scholars, including Tom Gunning and ChrisFujiwara, to share their latest insightsFeatures translated contributions from

Tay, Sharon Lin - Women on the Edge: Twelve Political Film Practices, ebook

Women on the Edge: Twelve Political Film Practices

Tay, Sharon Lin


On the Edges of the Authorial Voice: Liv Ullmann’s Faithless, Gendered Authorship, and Ingmar Bergman
Sharon Lin Tay
3. On the Edges of the Documentary: Jill Craigie’s Political and Aesthetic Sensibilities
Sharon Lin Tay
4. On the Edges of Ethnography:

Flanagan, Martin - Bakhtin and the Movies, ebook

Bakhtin and the Movies

Flanagan, Martin


Dialogism and Film Studies: The Dialogic Spectator
Martin Flanagan
3. Chronotope I: Time, Space, Narrative — ‘Get Ready for Rush Hour’
Martin Flanagan
4. Chronotope II: Time, Space and Genre in the Western Film
Martin Flanagan
5. Polyphony:

D'Lugo, Marvin - A Companion to Pedro Almodóvar, ebook

A Companion to Pedro Almodóvar

D'Lugo, Marvin


Brings together a stellar cast of contributors from across the globe  including recognized and established specialists as well as talented younger scholars Features contributions by Spanish film historians, where studies of Almodóvar’s work have been underrepresented

Smaill, Belinda - The Documentary, ebook

The Documentary

Smaill, Belinda


The Labour of Authorship: Caring and Mourning
5. Loss and Care: Asian Australian Documentary
Belinda Smaill
6. Civic Love and Contemporary Dissent Documentary
Belinda Smaill
Part IV. Past, Present and Future: Hope and Nostalgia
7. Children, Futurity

Hassler-Forest, Dan - The Politics of Adaptation, ebook

The Politics of Adaptation

Hassler-Forest, Dan


Adapting Authorship: Politics and Convergence
5. Emerging from Converging Cultures: Circulation, Adaptation, and Value
Timothy Corrigan
6. Transmediality and the Politics of Adaptation: Concepts, Forms, and Strategies
Jens Eder
7. Bastards and Pirates,

Willis, Andy - DVD, Blu-ray and Beyond, ebook

DVD, Blu-ray and Beyond

Willis, Andy


‘Now I Am the Master’: Home Video, Canon, and Authorship Among George, Lucasfilm, Fox, and Fans
Andrew James Myers
4. Combining Nemo: Pixar Home Media and the DVD of Narrative Integration
Christopher Holliday
5. Letting the Fans Be Involved: Third

Batty, Craig - Screenwriters and Screenwriting, ebook

Screenwriters and Screenwriting

Batty, Craig


Beyond the Screenplay: Memoir and Family Relations in Three Films by Gaylene Preston
Hester Joyce
6. Costume as Character Arc: How Emotional Transformation is Written into the Dressed Body
Craig Batty
Part II. Screenwriting and the Development Process

Jones, Darryl - It Came From the 1950s!, ebook

It Came From the 1950s!

Jones, Darryl


Genre, Special Effects and Authorship in the Critical Reception of Science Fiction Film and Television during the 1950s
Mark Jancovich, Derek Johnston
7. Hammer’s Dracula
Christopher Frayling
8. Fast Cars and