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McDermott, Kevin - De-Stalinising Eastern Europe, ebook

De-Stalinising Eastern Europe

McDermott, Kevin


De-Stalinising Eastern Europe: The Dilemmas of Rehabilitation
Matthew Stibbe, Kevin McDermott
2. Rehabilitation in the Soviet Union, 1953–1964: A Policy Unachieved
Marc Elie
3. De-Stalinisation in Hungary from a Gendered Perspective: The Case of Júlia

Dabrowski, Marek - EU Eastern Neighborhood, ebook

EU Eastern Neighborhood

Dabrowski, Marek


Table of contents
1. The Development Gap Between the CIS and EU
Irina Sinitsina
2. East–West Integration: A Geographical Economics Approach
Arne Melchior
3. Deep Integration with the EU: Impact on Selected ENP Countries and Russia
Maryla Maliszewska, Maryla Maliszewska, Iryna Orlova, Svitlana Taran

Gartner, Georg - Cartography in Central and Eastern Europe, ebook

Cartography in Central and Eastern Europe

Gartner, Georg


Mapping Space-Related Transformation Processes in Eastern Europe. Examples from the Atlas of Eastern and Southeastern Europe
Peter Jordan
22. The Demographic Atlas of Croatia – A Web-Based Atlas Information System

Gibson, Matthew - Dracula and the Eastern Question, ebook

Dracula and the Eastern Question

Gibson, Matthew


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Matthew Gibson
2. Polidori’s The Vampyre and the Dangers of Philhellenism to Italian Liberation
Matthew Gibson
3. J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla and the Austro-Hungarian Ausgleich (1867)

Mirmotahari, Emad - Islam in the Eastern African Novel, ebook

Islam in the Eastern African Novel

Mirmotahari, Emad


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Emad Mirmotahari
2. Paradises Lost
Emad Mirmotahari
3. The Other Diaspora in Abdulrazak Gurnah’s Admiring Silence and By the Sea
Emad Mirmotahari
4. Situational Identities
Emad Mirmotahari

Minkenberg, Michael - The Radical Right in Eastern Europe, ebook

The Radical Right in Eastern Europe

Minkenberg, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael Minkenberg
2. Concepts: Analyzing the East European Radical Right
Michael Minkenberg
3. Contexts: Legacies and the Transformation Process
Michael Minkenberg
4. Contents: Organizational…

Bafoil, François - Central and Eastern Europe, ebook

Central and Eastern Europe

Bafoil, François


Table of contents
1. Introduction Modernization, Europeanization, and Path Dependency
François Bafoil
2. The Legacies. Picture of a Political Economy of Soviet-Style Socialism
François Bafoil
Part 1. The Formation of the Central States

Dabrowski, Marek - The Eastern Enlargement of the Eurozone, ebook

The Eastern Enlargement of the Eurozone

Dabrowski, Marek


Table of contents
1. When Should the New Member States Join EMU?
Jacek Rostowski
2. The Exchange Rate: Shock Generator or Shock Absorber?
Maryla Maliszewska, Wojciech Maliszewski
3. Do the New Member States Fit the Optimum-Currency-Area…

Lasinska, Katarzyna - Social Capital in Eastern Europe, ebook

Social Capital in Eastern Europe

Lasinska, Katarzyna


Table of contents
1. Exploring social capital in Poland
Katarzyna Lasinska
2. Social capital – conceptual framework and empirical findings
Katarzyna Lasinska
3. Communist legacy and systemic transition
Katarzyna Lasinska

Yeow, Agnes S. K. - Conrad’s Eastern Vision, ebook

Conrad’s Eastern Vision

Yeow, Agnes S. K.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Agnes S. K. Yeow
2. The Collision of Indistinct Ideas
Agnes S. K. Yeow
3. Patusan and the Malays
Agnes S. K. Yeow
4. The Rest of That Pantai Band
Agnes S. K. Yeow
5. A Vain and Floating…