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Boone, Tonya - Sustainable Supply Chains, ebook

Sustainable Supply Chains

Boone, Tonya


By the Numbers: A Visual Chronicle of Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Tonya Boone, Ram Ganeshan
3. Sustainable Supply Chains for Bio-Based Fuels and Chemicals
Joseph B. Powell, Paul M. Ayoub, Sachin Kapila, Alex P. R. Nevill, Grahame Y. Buss
4. Organizing

Nee, Andrew Y. C. - Re-engineering Manufacturing for Sustainability, ebook

Re-engineering Manufacturing for Sustainability

Nee, Andrew Y. C.


Impact of Machine Tools on the Direct Energy and Associated Carbon Emissions for a Standardized NC Toolpath
Vincent Aizebeoje Balogun, Ampara Aramcharoen, Paul Tarisai Mativenga, Shaw Kah Chuan
33. Modeling Energy States in Machine Tools: An Automata Based