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Lash, Scott - The End of Organized Capitalism, ebook

The End of Organized Capitalism

Lash, Scott


In this thought-provoking new book, Anthony Smith analyses key debates between historians and social scientists on the role of nations and nationalism in history. In a wide-ranging analysis of the work of historians, sociologists, political scientists…

Wilkinson, Tony - Capitalism and Human Values, ebook

Capitalism and Human Values

Wilkinson, Tony


Capitalism is not enough. It has brought us prosperity and no other economic system can match its energy and innovation, but it has a dark side of exploitation and instability. Capitalism needs to be bounded by values. But which values? What indeed

Scott, Bruce R. - The Concept of Capitalism, ebook

The Concept of Capitalism

Scott, Bruce R.


Some Current Conceptions of Capitalism: Discussion and Critique
4. My Conception of Capitalism
5. Political Authority Shapes Capitalism with Visible Human Agency
6. The Political and Economic Systems are Interdependent

Kennedy, Paul - Vampire Capitalism, ebook

Vampire Capitalism

Kennedy, Paul


The Rise of Vampire Capitalism (and not a slayer in sight)
Paul Kennedy
3. The Roots of Vampire Capitalism
Paul Kennedy
4. Living with Twenty-First-Century Capitalism
Paul Kennedy
5. The Juggernaut of Science and Technology: Friend or Foe?

Goody, Jack - Capitalism and Modernity: The Great Debate, ebook

Capitalism and Modernity: The Great Debate

Goody, Jack


This original book casts new light on the history of capitalism, industrialization and modernity, and will be essential reading for all those interested in the great debate about the economic rise of the West.