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Berger, Nathan A. - Energy Balance and Prostate Cancer, ebook

Energy Balance and Prostate Cancer

Berger, Nathan A.


Epidemiology, Energy Balance and Prostate Cancer Incidence and Mortality
Nikos Papadimitriou, Elena Critselis, Konstantinos K. Tsilidis
2. Racial/Ethnic Differences in the Association Between Energy Balance and Prostate Cancer
David S. Lopez
3. Consequence

Fulton, Amy M. - Chemokine Receptors in Cancer, ebook

Chemokine Receptors in Cancer

Fulton, Amy M.


Chemokine Receptors Involved in Colon Cancer Progression, and Lymph Node Metastasis
Makoto Mark Taketo, Kenji Kawada
6. The CXCR3/CXCL3 Axis in Cancer
Yanchun Li, Amy M. Fulton
7. Roles for CCR7 in Cancer Biology
Lei Fang, Sam T. Hwang
8. The

Ablin, Richard J. - Metastasis of Prostate Cancer, ebook

Metastasis of Prostate Cancer

Ablin, Richard J.


The Search for Genes Which Influence Prostate Cancer Metastasis: A Moving Target?
Norman J. Maitland
4. Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Prostate Cancer Metastasis
Wen G. Jiang
5. Role of Prostaglandin Synthesis and Cyclooxygenase-2 in Prostate Cancer

Zakhari, Samir - Alcohol and Cancer, ebook

Alcohol and Cancer

Zakhari, Samir


Alcohol, Cancer Genes, and Signaling Pathways
William C. Dunty
7. Alcohol, Retinoic Acid, and Cancer
Svetlana Radaeva
8. Alcohol, Altered Protein Homeostasis, and Cancer
András Orosz
9. Alcohol and the Inflammatory Function of Immune Cells

Berger, Nathan A. - Adipocytokines, Energy Balance, and Cancer, ebook

Adipocytokines, Energy Balance, and Cancer

Berger, Nathan A.


Leptin in Cancer: Epidemiology and Mechanisms
Margot P. Cleary, Marta Torroella-Kouri
4. Leptin-Signaling Pathways as Therapeutic Targets in Cancer
Neeraj K. Saxena, Dipali Sharma
5. Retinol Binding Protein 4: Role in Diabetes and Cancer

Berger, Nathan A. - Epigenetics, Energy Balance, and Cancer, ebook

Epigenetics, Energy Balance, and Cancer

Berger, Nathan A.


Environmentally Induced Alterations in the Epigenome Affecting Obesity and Cancer in Minority Populations
David A. Skaar, Randy L. Jirtle, Cathrine Hoyo
6. Stress, Exercise, and Epigenetic Modulation of Cancer
Giuseppe Lippi, Elisa Danese, Fabian Sanchis-Gomar

Mehdipour, Parvin - Cancer Genetics and Psychotherapy, ebook

Cancer Genetics and Psychotherapy

Mehdipour, Parvin


Psychiatric and Psychosocial Aspects of Breast Cancer Diagnoses and Treatments
Mohammad Kamran Derakhshan, Mohammad Hamid Karbassian
5. Cancer Genetics at a Glance: The Comprehensive Insights
Asaad Azarnezhad, Parvin Mehdipour
6. The Relevance of Genetic

Penichet, Manuel L. - Cancer and IgE, ebook

Cancer and IgE

Penichet, Manuel L.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Erika Jensen-Jarolim, Manuel L. Penichet
2. The Biology of IgE: Molecular Mechanism Restraining Potentially Dangerous High Serum IgE Titres In Vivo
Gernot Achatz, Gertrude Achatz-Straussberger, Stefan Feichtner, Sebastian Koenigsberger, Stefan Lenz, Doris Peckl-Schmid, Nadja

Myers, Jeffrey - Oral Cancer Metastasis, ebook

Oral Cancer Metastasis

Myers, Jeffrey


Oral Cancer Overview: The Significance of Metastasis and Surgical Management of the Neck
Eugene N. Myers
2. The Role of Diagnostic Imaging in Identifying Cervical Metastases in Oral Cavity Cancer
Lawrence E. Ginsberg
3. Sentinel Node Biopsy in Oral