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Rai, Ashawani K. - Cyanobacteria: An Economic Perspective, ebook

Cyanobacteria: An Economic Perspective

Rai, Ashawani K.

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Chapter on tools, techniques, and patents also focus on the economic importance of the group. This book also provides an insight for future perspectives in each particular field and an extensive bibliography.
This book will be a highly useful resource for students,

Hipple, Jack - The Ideal Result, ebook

The Ideal Result

Hipple, Jack


Table of contents
1. Attitude Adjustment, Jargon, and Acronyms
Jack Hipple
2. Optimization: The Enemy of Innovation
Jack Hipple
3. Parallel Universes
Jack Hipple
4. The Ideal Result
Jack Hipple
5. Identify and Use Resources
Jack Hipple
6. Whose Ideal Result and Whose Resources?

Ashcroft, R. E. - Bioethics in a Small World, ebook

Bioethics in a Small World

Ashcroft, R. E.


The need to Re-embed Food Biotechnologies in Sociocultural Contexts
Michiel Korthals
5. Beyond GM Foods: Genomics, Biotechnology and Global Health Equity
Abdallah S. Daar, Tara Acharya, Isaac Filate, Halla Thorsteinsdottir,

Pyka, Andreas - Long Term Economic Development, ebook

Long Term Economic Development

Pyka, Andreas


The International Diffusion of Biotechnology: the Arrival of Developing Countries
Jorge Niosi, Petr Hanel, Susan Reid
11. The Internet as a Global Production Reorganizer: The Old Industry in the New Economy
Gunnar Eliasson
12. Looking Around: The Smart

Bin, Roberto - Biotech Innovations and Fundamental Rights, ebook

Biotech Innovations and Fundamental Rights

Bin, Roberto


Table of contents
Part I. Biotech Patents
1. Introduction
Paolo Veronesi
2. The Case against the Privatization of Knowledge: Some Thoughts on the Myriad Genetics Controversy
Giorgio Resta
3. Patentability Requirements of Biotech Inventions at the European Patent Office: Ethical Issues
Giovanni Macchia