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Fesenmaier, Daniel R. - Analytics in Smart Tourism Design, ebook

Analytics in Smart Tourism Design

Fesenmaier, Daniel R.


Analytics in Everyday Life and Travel
4. Measuring Human Senses and the Touristic Experience: Methods and Applications
Jeongmi (Jamie) Kim, Daniel R. Fesenmaier
5. The Quantified Traveler: Implications for Smart Tourism Development
Yeongbae Choe, Daniel

Gonçalves, Alex - Social Media Analytics Strategy, ebook

Social Media Analytics Strategy

Gonçalves, Alex


Defining Analytics in Social Media and Types of Analytics Tools
4. Analytics in Social Media
Alex Gonçalves
5. Dedicated vs. Hybrid Tools
Alex Gonçalves
6. Alexander and Frederik Peiniger
Alex Gonçalves
Part III. Differences of Social

Srinivasan, S. - Guide to Big Data Applications, ebook

Guide to Big Data Applications

Srinivasan, S.


Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Chaos and Big Data: A Case Study of Epileptic Seizure Prediction and Control
Ashfaque Shafique, Mohamed Sayeed, Konstantinos Tsakalis
14. Big Data to Big Knowledge for Next Generation Medicine:

Kelsey, Todd - Introduction to Google Analytics, ebook

Introduction to Google Analytics

Kelsey, Todd


Fun with E-Commerce Analytics Part I: Shopify
Todd Kelsey
6. Fun with E-Commerce Analytics Part II: AdWords
Todd Kelsey
7. Fun with E-Commerce Analytics Part III: Gumroad

Loth, Alexander - Visual Analytics with Tableau, ebook

Visual Analytics with Tableau

Loth, Alexander


A four-color journey through a complete Tableau visualization
Tableau is a popular data visualization tool that’s easy for individual desktop use as well as enterprise. Used by financial analysts, marketers, statisticians, business and sales leadership, and many other job roles to