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Joyce, D. - Essentials of Temperament Assessment, ebook

Essentials of Temperament Assessment

Joyce, D.


Essentials of Temperament Assessment includes coverage of the most frequently used instruments used in temperament assessments of both children and adults, including the New York Longitudinal Scales Adult Temperament Questionnaire (ATQ), the Carey Temperament Scales (CTS), the Myers-Briggs Type

Gaebel, Wolfgang - The Stigma of Mental Illness - End of the Story?, ebook

The Stigma of Mental Illness - End of the Story?

Gaebel, Wolfgang


Table of contents
Part I. Stigma and Discrimination: Different Perspectives
1. On Revisiting Some Origins of the Stigma Concept as It Applies to Mental Illnesses
Bruce G. Link, Heather Stuart
2. Stigma and Stigmatization Within and Beyond Psychiatry
Asmus Finzen
3. Structures and Types of Stigma

Pastor, Joan - Success as an Introvert For Dummies, ebook

Success as an Introvert For Dummies

Pastor, Joan


Offers examples of how introverts can thrive in a world dominated by extrovertsOutlines the positive aspects of introverted personality typesProvides actionable ways to promote introverted qualities in work and life
Success as an Introvert For Dummies is for anyone

Alon, Ilai - The Role of Trust in Conflict Resolution, ebook

The Role of Trust in Conflict Resolution

Alon, Ilai


Effects of Expectations, Type of Relationship, and Prior Injustice on Trust Honoring: A Strategic-Experimental Approach
Ramzi Suleiman
Part II. The Comparative Aspect: How was Trust been Reached in Other Conflicts
4. Lessons Learned on Trust Building in

Ziv, Anita Konzelmann - Institutions, Emotions, and Group Agents, ebook

Institutions, Emotions, and Group Agents

Ziv, Anita Konzelmann


Three Types of Heterotropic Intentionality. A Taxonomy in Social Ontology
Francesca Vecchi
Part II. Shared Emotions and Recognition
9. Emergence and Empathy
Ronald Sousa
10. The Functions of Collective Emotions in Social Groups
Mikko Salmela

Odajnyk, V. Walter - Archetype and Character, ebook

Archetype and Character

Odajnyk, V. Walter


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Typology
V. Walter Odajnyk
2. The Archetypes of Power, Eros, Pneuma and Physis
V. Walter Odajnyk
3. Power, Eros, Pneuma and Physis Personality Types
V. Walter Odajnyk
4. Soulful and Spirited Temperaments
V. Walter Odajnyk
5. Temperament and Theory: Freud,

Jones, Raya A. - Jungian and Dialogical Self Perspectives, ebook

Jungian and Dialogical Self Perspectives

Jones, Raya A.


Internal Dialogical Activity: Types and Personality Correlates
Małgorzata Puchalska-Wasyl
8. Fiction and the ‘Uncanny Valley’ of Self-Confrontation
Raya A. Jones
9. The Masculine and the Feminine in Japanese

Ormrod, James S. - Fantasy and Social Movements, ebook

Fantasy and Social Movements

Ormrod, James S.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Fantasy and Social Movements in Context
James S. Ormrod
Part I. Fantasy in Constellation: Fantasy, Reality, the Unconscious, Action and the Collective
2. Fantasy in Freudian Theory
James S. Ormrod
3. Fantasy in Kleinian Theory
James S. Ormrod
4. Fantasy in Lacanian

Hollway, Wendy - Knowing Mothers, ebook

Knowing Mothers

Hollway, Wendy


‘I’m Not the Mother Type’: Gender Identity Upheaval
Wendy Hollway
8. Theorising Maternal Becoming Psycho-Socially
Wendy Hollway
9. Unfinished Business
Wendy Hollway