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Carpenter, Belinda - The Politics of Sex Trafficking, ebook

The Politics of Sex Trafficking

Carpenter, Belinda


Table of contents
1. The Politics of Sex Trafficking
Erin O’Brien, Sharon Hayes, Belinda Carpenter
2. Perspectives and Players
Erin O’Brien, Sharon Hayes, Belinda Carpenter
3. Stories of Trafficking
Erin O’Brien, Sharon Hayes,…

Ikeora, May - Bilateral Cooperation and Human Trafficking, ebook

Bilateral Cooperation and Human Trafficking

Ikeora, May


The Global Perspective of Anti-Trafficking and International Cooperation
2. Conceptualising Anti-Trafficking and Protecting People
May Ikeora
3. International Cooperation on Cross-Border Human Trafficking
May Ikeora

Savona, Ernesto U. - Measuring Human Trafficking, ebook

Measuring Human Trafficking

Savona, Ernesto U.


Human Trafficking: A Crime Against Humanity
Fausto Pocar
3. Trafficking in Human Beings: Uniform Definitions for Better Measuring and for Effective Counter-Measures
Kauko Aromaa
4. Collecting Data on Human Trafficking:

Segev, Nava - Trafficking Inside Cells, ebook

Trafficking Inside Cells

Segev, Nava


Regulation and Coordination of Intracellular Trafficking: An Overview
Julie Donaldson, Nava Segev
16. Regulation of Protein Trafficking by GTP-Binding Proteins
Michel Franco, Philippe Chavrier, Florence Niedergang

Badolato, Raffaele - Lymphocyte Trafficking in Health and Disease, ebook

Lymphocyte Trafficking in Health and Disease

Badolato, Raffaele


Lymphocyte trafficking: from immunology paradigms to disease mechanisms
Raffaele Badolato, Silvano Sozzani
2. Biology of chemokines
Gao Ping, Ji Ming Wang, O. M. Zack Howard, Joost J. Oppenheim
3. Lymphocyte-endothelial cell interaction

Marsh, Mark - Membrane Trafficking in Viral Replication, ebook

Membrane Trafficking in Viral Replication

Marsh, Mark


Table of contents
1. Viral Entry
S. B. Sieczkarski, G. R. Whittaker
2. The Many Mechanisms of Viral Membrane Fusion Proteins
L. J. Earp, S. E. Delos, H. E. Park, J. M. White
3. The Role of the Cytoskeleton During Viral Infection
K. Döhner, B. Sodeik
4. Nuclear Import in Viral Infections
U. F.

Aradau, Claudia - Rethinking Trafficking in Women, ebook

Rethinking Trafficking in Women

Aradau, Claudia


Problematizing Trafficking in Women: In the Absence of Security
Claudia Aradau
3. Problematizing Security: The Presence of an Absence
Claudia Aradau
4. Unmaking Security: Desecuritization, Emancipation, Ethics
Claudia Aradau
5. Subjects, Knowledge,

Foundation, Novartis - Transport and Trafficking in the Malaria-Infected Erythrocyte, ebook

Transport and Trafficking in the Malaria-Infected Erythrocyte

Foundation, Novartis


There is an urgent need to uncover new therapies that will protect against malaria, as the parasite becomes increasingly resistant to available drugs and this book offers insights into three interrelated aspects of the malaria-infected erythrocyte:
* The transport of solutes into and out of the infected cell and the use