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Siemionow, Maria Z. - Tissue Surgery, ebook

Tissue Surgery

Siemionow, Maria Z.


Advanced Concepts in Vascularized Tissue Transfer in the Hand
Holger Engel, Günter Germann
4. Subcutaneous Tissue Function: The Multimicrovacuolar Absorbing Sliding System in Hand and Plastic Surgery
Jean Claude Guimberteau,

Collins, Fiona - Tissue Viability, ebook

Tissue Viability

Collins, Fiona


The aim of this book is to provide a comprehensive learning package in tissue viability. It covers all aspects of wound prevention and management, and considers the microbiological reasons why some wounds do not heal. It discusses factors that affect healing, pressure sore prevention and

Hattam, Paul - ABC of Common Soft Tissue Disorders, ebook

ABC of Common Soft Tissue Disorders

Hattam, Paul


Soft tissue problems are very common, with one in four people at any one time suffering with a musculoskeletal disorder. ABC of Soft Tissue Disorders is a practical, fully illustrated guide to their assessment and treatment.
Structured by body part,

Boccaccini, Aldo R. - Myocardial Tissue Engineering, ebook

Myocardial Tissue Engineering

Boccaccini, Aldo R.


Strategies for Myocardial Tissue Engineering: The Beat Goes On
Payam Akhyari, Mareike Barth, Hug Aubin, Artur Lichtenberg
4. Creating Unique Cell Microenvironments for the Engineering of a Functional Cardiac Patch
Tal Dvir, Jonathan Leor, Smadar Cohen

Bilston, Lynne E. - Neural Tissue Biomechanics, ebook

Neural Tissue Biomechanics

Bilston, Lynne E.


Brain Tissue Mechanical Properties
Lynne E. Bilston
3. Spinal Cord Mechanical Properties
Elizabeth C. Clarke
4. Constitutive Modelling of Brain Tissue for Prediction of Traumatic Brain Injury
J. A. W. Dommelen,

Mulisch, Maria - Tissue-Printing, ebook


Mulisch, Maria


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Maria Mulisch
2. Generelles Verfahren
Maria Mulisch
3. Tissue-Prints mit Hilfe von weichen Gewebeproben
Maria Mulisch
4. Färben der Tissue-Prints
Maria Mulisch
5. Nachweise an Tissue-Prints
Maria Mulisch