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Aubrecht, Christoph - Earth Observation Open Science and Innovation, ebook

Earth Observation Open Science and Innovation

Aubrecht, Christoph


Fostering Cross-Disciplinary Earth Science Through Datacube Analytics
Peter Baumann, Angelo Pio Rossi, Brennan Bell, Oliver Clements, Ben Evans, Heike Hoenig, Patrick Hogan, George Kakaletris, Panagiota Koltsida, Simone Mantovani, Ramiro Marco Figuera, Vlad Merticariu,

Neal, Judi - Handbook of Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace, ebook

Handbook of Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace

Neal, Judi


Faith-Related Determinants of Organizational Commitment
Rhonda Bell-Ellis, Linda C. Jones, Molly Longstreth, Judi Neal
23. The Spirit at Work Scale: Developing and Validating a Measure of Individual Spirituality at Work
Val Kinjerski
24. The Integration

Jolesz, Ferenc A. - Intraoperative Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy, ebook

Intraoperative Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy

Jolesz, Ferenc A.


3D Slicer: A Platform for Subject-Specific Image Analysis, Visualization, and Clinical Support
Ron Kikinis, Steve D. Pieper, Kirby G. Vosburgh
20. Design and Construction of an Image-Guided Procedure Room
Jeffrey Berman, Stephen B. Solomon
21. The Hybrid

Scuderi, Giles R. - Minimally Invasive Surgery in Orthopedics, ebook

Minimally Invasive Surgery in Orthopedics

Scuderi, Giles R.


Table of contents
1. What Is Minimally Invasive Surgery and How Do You Learn It?
Aaron G. Rosenberg
2. Overview of Shoulder Approaches: Choosing Between Mini-incision and Arthroscopic Techniques
Raymond A. Klug, Bradford O. Parsons, Evan L. Flatow
3. Mini-incision Bankart Repair
Edward W. Lee, Kenneth