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Landriscina, Franco - Simulation and Learning, ebook

Simulation and Learning

Landriscina, Franco


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to Simulation for Learning
Franco Landriscina
2. Simulation and Cognition
Franco Landriscina
3. Models Everywhere
Franco Landriscina
4. Simulation Modeling
Franco Landriscina
5. Simulation-Based Learning
Franco Landriscina
6. Simulations for Thinking

März, Lothar - Simulation und Optimierung in Produktion und Logistik, ebook

Simulation und Optimierung in Produktion und Logistik

März, Lothar


Kopplung von Simulation und Optimierung
Lothar März, Wilfried Krug
6. Simulationsgestützte Optimierung von Fertigungsprozessen in der Halbleiterindustrie
Andreas Klemmt, Sven Horn, Gerald Weigert
7. Vorausschauende Produktionsregelung durch simulationsbasierte

Al-Aomar, Raid - Process Simulation Using WITNESS, ebook

Process Simulation Using WITNESS

Al-Aomar, Raid


Teaches basic and advanced modeling and simulation techniques to both undergraduate and postgraduate students and serves as a practical guide and manual for professionals learning how to build simulation models using WITNESS, a free-standing software

Davis, Mike - How to Teach Using Simulation in Healthcare, ebook

How to Teach Using Simulation in Healthcare

Davis, Mike


How to Teach Using Simulation in Healthcare provides an ideal introduction and easy-to-use guide to simulation in medical education.  Written by a team of experienced medical educators, this practical text – packed full of case examples and tips –

Rothrock, Ling - Human-in-the-Loop Simulations, ebook

Human-in-the-Loop Simulations

Rothrock, Ling


Interactive Simulations: History, Features, and Trends
S. Narayanan, Phani Kidambi
2. Performance Measurement and Evaluation in Human-in-the-Loop Simulations
Ling Rothrock
3. Virtual and Constructive Simulations

Tuma, Tadej - Circuit Simulation with SPICE OPUS, ebook

Circuit Simulation with SPICE OPUS

Tuma, Tadej


Table of contents
2. Introduction to circuit simulation
Tadej Tuma, Árpád Bűrmen
3. Short tutorial
Tadej Tuma, Árpád Bűrmen
4. Input file syntax
Tadej Tuma, Árpád Bűrmen
5. Analyzing the circuit
Tadej Tuma, Árpád…

Garrido, José M. - Object Oriented Simulation, ebook

Object Oriented Simulation

Garrido, José M.


Table of contents
2. Models and Simulation
Joés M. Garrido
3. Introduction to Arena
Joés M. Garrido
4. Introduction to Flexsim
Joés M. Garrido
5. Programs and Software Development
Joés M. Garrido
6. Object Orientation
Joés M. Garrido
7. Object-Oriented Programs
Joés M. Garrido