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Durán, Juan José - Mathematics of Planet Earth, ebook

Mathematics of Planet Earth

Durán, Juan José


Table of contents
1. Performance Evaluation of Swanson’s Rule for the Case of Log-Normal Populations
Maryam Moghadasi, Jerry L. Jensen
2. Modelling Ore Bodies of High-Nugget Gold Using Conditional Probability
Evelyn June Hill, Nicholas H. S. Oliver, James Cleverley, Michael Nugus
3. The Extraction of Long-Term

Chun, Yongwan - Advances in Geocomputation, ebook

Advances in Geocomputation

Chun, Yongwan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Daniel A. Griffith, Yongwan Chun, Denis J. Dean
2. The Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Resources: Visions and Challenges in Spatial Computing
Emre Eftelioglu, Zhe Jiang, Xun Tang, Shashi Shekhar

Koomen, Eric - Modelling Land-Use Change, ebook

Modelling Land-Use Change

Koomen, Eric


Table of contents
Part VII. Modelling land-use change
1. Modelling Land-Use Change
E. Koomen, J. Stillwell
2. Land-Use Change at Cadastral Parcel Level in Albania
L.J.M. Jansen, G. Carrai, M. Petri
3. Driving forces of landscape…

Rogers, Andrei - The Indirect Estimation of Migration, ebook

The Indirect Estimation of Migration

Rogers, Andrei


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Andrei Rogers, James Raymer, Jani Little
2. Describing Age Structures of Migration
Andrei Rogers, James Raymer, Jani Little
3. Describing Spatial Structures of Migration
Andrei Rogers, James Raymer,…

Krämer, Alexander - Modern Infectious Disease Epidemiology, ebook

Modern Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Krämer, Alexander


Table of contents
1. The Global Burden of Infectious Diseases
Paulo Pinheiro, Colin D. Mathers, Alexander Krämer
2. Global Challenges of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Alexander Krämer, Md. Mobarak Hossain Khan
3. Emerging …

Albeverio, Sergio - The Dynamics of Complex Urban Systems, ebook

The Dynamics of Complex Urban Systems

Albeverio, Sergio


Table of contents
1. Fifty Years of Urban Modeling: Macro-Statics to Micro-Dynamics
Michael Batty
2. Complexity: the Integrating Framework for Models of Urban and Regional Systems
Peter M. Allen, Mark Strathern, James Baldwin
3. Ontogeny…

Bivand, Roger S. - Applied Spatial Data Analysis with R, ebook

Applied Spatial Data Analysis with R

Bivand, Roger S.


Table of contents
1. Hello World: Introducing Spatial Data
Roger S. Bivand, Edzer Pebesma, Virgilio Gómez-Rubio
Part I. Handling Spatial Data in R
2. Classes for Spatial Data in R
Roger S. Bivand, Edzer Pebesma,…