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Freitag, Michael - Dynamics in Logistics, ebook

Dynamics in Logistics

Freitag, Michael


Mapping Research on Logistics and Supply Chain Coordination, Cooperation and Collaboration
Herbert Kotzab, Inga-Lena Darkow, Ilja Bäumler, Christoph Georgi, Sandra Luttermann
3. A System Dynamics Approach for SMEs Internationalization Networking Process

Nothardt, Franz - Logistics Due Diligence, ebook

Logistics Due Diligence

Nothardt, Franz


Table of contents
1. Einleitung: Bedeutung der Logistik
Erik Hofmann, Franz Nothardt
2. Grundlagen zur Due Diligence und zur Logistik
Erik Hofmann, Franz Nothardt
3. Konzept der Logistics Due Diligence
Erik Hofmann, Franz Nothardt
4. Ansätze zur Logistikanalyse und -bewertung
Erik Hofmann, Franz

Nyhuis, Peter - Fundamentals of Production Logistics, ebook

Fundamentals of Production Logistics

Nyhuis, Peter


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Basic Principles of Modeling Logistic Operating Curves
3. Traditional Models of Production Logistics
4. Deriving the Logistic Operating Curves Theory
5. Basic Laws of Production Logistics
6. Applications of the Logistic Operating Curves Theory
7. Practical Applications

Eßig, Michael - Performance Based Logistics, ebook

Performance Based Logistics

Eßig, Michael


Performance Based Logistics – A New Management Approach in the Defense Sector
Erik Hofmann
Teil C. Beschaffungsstrategie und –politik: PBL aus Nachfragerperspektive
8. Anforderungen der Streitkräfte an Performance Based Logistics

Fleischmann, Bernhard - Distribution Logistics, ebook

Distribution Logistics

Fleischmann, Bernhard


Planning the Incorporation of Logistics Service Providers to Fulfill Precedence- and Time Window-Constrained Transport Requests in a Most Profitable Way
Jörn Schönberger, Herbert Kopfer
Chapter 3. Warehousing
9. Vehicle On-line Dispatching Rules in Practice

Lun, Y.H.V. - Shipping and Logistics Management, ebook

Shipping and Logistics Management

Lun, Y.H.V.


Table of contents
1. International Trade and Shipping
2. Freight Rate Mechanism
3. Bulk Shipping Market
4. Container Shipping Market
5. Business Strategy in Shipping
6. Growth of Firms
7. Fleet Mix Decision
8. Liner Shipping Network

Hülsmann, Michael - Autonomous Cooperation and Control in Logistics, ebook

Autonomous Cooperation and Control in Logistics

Hülsmann, Michael


Creating Customer Value in Logistics: Contributions and Limitations of Autonomous Cooperation-Based Technologies
Michael Hülsmann, Anne Schwientek, Benjamin Korsmeier, Linda Austerschulte
4. Autonomous and Central Control of Production Networks

Wieck, Ingo - Switchpoints for the Future of Logistics, ebook

Switchpoints for the Future of Logistics

Wieck, Ingo


Table of contents
1. Executive Summary
Ingo Wieck, Martin Streichfuss, Thorsten Klaas-Wissing, Wolfgang Stölzle
2. The Study Presents a New, Explorative Perspective on the Uncertainty of Future Developments
Ingo Wieck, Martin Streichfuss,…