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Wright, David - Privacy Impact Assessment, ebook

Privacy Impact Assessment

Wright, David


Introduction to Privacy Impact Assessment
David Wright, Paul Hert
2. A Human Rights Perspective on Privacy and Data Protection Impact Assessments
Paul Hert
3. (Regulatory) Impact Assessment and Better Regulation

Holtzman, David H. - Privacy Lost: How Technology Is Endangering Your Privacy, ebook

Privacy Lost: How Technology Is Endangering Your Privacy

Holtzman, David H.


While other books in the field focus on specific aspects of privacy or how to avoid invasions, David H. Holtzman--a master technologist, internet pioneer, security analyst, and former military codebreaker--presents a comprehensive insider's exposé of the world of invasive technology, who's

Hert, Paul De - Enforcing Privacy, ebook

Enforcing Privacy

Hert, Paul De


Failures of Privacy Self-Regulation in the United States
Robert Gellman, Pam Dixon
4. From a Model Pupil to a Problematic Grown-Up: Enforcing Privacy and Data Protection in Hungary
Ivan Szekely
5. A Tale of Two

Tubaro, Paola - Against the Hypothesis of the End of Privacy, ebook

Against the Hypothesis of the End of Privacy

Tubaro, Paola


Three Approaches to Privacy: As Penetration, Regulation, and Negotiation
Paola Tubaro, Antonio A. Casilli, Yasaman Sarabi
Part II. Modeling Privacy: Online Social Structures and Data Architectures
5. Modeling a Complex

Raicu, Daniela Stan - Privacy and Technologies of Identity, ebook

Privacy and Technologies of Identity

Raicu, Daniela Stan


Social Norms, Self Control, and Privacy in the Online World
Katherine J. Strandburg
II.Privacy Implications of RFID and Location Tracking
4. Rfid Privacy
Ari Juels
5. Geolocation and Locational Privacy
Mark Monmonier
6. Privacy Inalienability

Guagnin, Daniel - Managing Privacy through Accountability, ebook

Managing Privacy through Accountability

Guagnin, Daniel


The Accountability Approach to Privacy and Data Protection: Assumptions and Caveats
Colin J. Bennett
4. The Accountability Principle in Data Protection Regulation: Origin, Development and Future Directions
Joseph Alhadeff, Brendan Alsenoy, Jos Dumortier

Campisi, Patrizio - Security and Privacy in Biometrics, ebook

Security and Privacy in Biometrics

Campisi, Patrizio


Security and Privacy in Biometrics: Towards a Holistic Approach
Patrizio Campisi
2. Design Aspects of Secure Biometric Systems and Biometrics in the Encrypted Domain
Claus Vielhauer, Jana Dittmann, Stefan Katzenbeisser
3. Beyond PKI: The Biocryptographic

Camenisch, Jan - Privacy and Identity Management for Life, ebook

Privacy and Identity Management for Life

Camenisch, Jan


Identity and Privacy Issues Throughout Life
Jaromir Dobias, Marit Hansen, Stefan Köpsell, Maren Raguse, Arnold Roosendaal, Andreas Pfitzmann, Sandra Steinbrecher, Katalin Storf, Harald Zwingelberg
5. Cryptographic Mechanisms for Privacy
Jan Camenisch,