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Karnani, Aneel - Fighting Poverty Together, ebook

Fighting Poverty Together

Karnani, Aneel


Table of contents
1. Fighting Poverty
Aneel Karnani
Part I. Failure of the Libertarian Approach
2. Microcredit Misses Its Mark
Aneel Karnani
3. Mirage at the Base of the Pyramid
Aneel Karnani
4. Romanticizing the Poor

Folke, Steen - Aid Impact and Poverty Reduction, ebook

Aid Impact and Poverty Reduction

Folke, Steen


Challenging the Injustice of Poverty: Rethinking Aid Strategies
Rehman Sobhan
3. Flexible Standards for Controlled Empowerment? Microfinance as a Case-Study of Aid Management
James Copestake
4. Aid Modalities and the Arts of Government
Jeremy Gould

Clark, David Alexander - Adaptation, Poverty and Development, ebook

Adaptation, Poverty and Development

Clark, David Alexander


Adaptation, Poverty and Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from South India
Daniel Neff
Part III. Adaptation and Development: Specific Issues
7. Subjective Well-Being, Disability and Adaptation: A Case Study from Rural Ethiopia
Marcel Fafchamps, Bereket

Kakwani, Nanak - The Many Dimensions of Poverty, ebook

The Many Dimensions of Poverty

Kakwani, Nanak


Multidimensional Poverty: Conceptual and Measurement Issues
Erik Thorbecke
2. Measuring Poverty: The Case for a Sociological Approach
David B. Grusky, Kim A. Weeden
3. Poverty Counts: Living with Poverty

Lemanski, Charlotte - The City in Urban Poverty, ebook

The City in Urban Poverty

Lemanski, Charlotte


Women in Cities: Prosperity or Poverty? A Need for Multi-dimensional and Multi-spatial Analysis
Sylvia Chant, Kerwin Datu
4. Space and Capabilities: Approaching Informal Settlement Upgrading through a Capability Perspective
Alexandre Apsan Frediani

Flint, Adrian - Trade, Poverty and the Environment, ebook

Trade, Poverty and the Environment

Flint, Adrian


Trade Policy, Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development
Adrian Flint
7. Agriculture, Food Security and Rural Development
Adrian Flint
8. Energy Provision, Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development

Davies, Matt - Poverty and the Production of World Politics, ebook

Poverty and the Production of World Politics

Davies, Matt


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Matt Davies, Magnus Ryner
2. Invisible Subject(s): Work and Workers in the Global Political Economy
Louise Amoore
3. The Global Poor and Global Politics: Neomaterialism and the Sources of Political…