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Boylan, Michael - Medical Ethics, ebook

Medical Ethics

Boylan, Michael


The second edition of Medical Ethics deals accessibly with a broad range of significant issues in bioethics, and presents the reader with the latest developments. This new edition has been greatly revised and updated, with half of the sections written specifically for this new volume.An

Bowie, Norman - Business Ethics in the 21st Century, ebook

Business Ethics in the 21st Century

Bowie, Norman


Table of contents
Part I. Economic Issues in Business Ethics
1. Fair Markets Revisited
Norman E. Bowie
2. What’s Wrong with Efficiency and Always Low Prices
Norman E. Bowie
3. Economics, Friend or Foe of Ethics
Norman E. Bowie
Part II. Philosophical Issues in Business
4. Kantian Themes

Hutchings, Kimberly - Global Ethics: An Introduction, ebook

Global Ethics: An Introduction

Hutchings, Kimberly


This revised edition of Kimberly Hutchings’s best-selling textbook provides an accessible introduction to the field of Global Ethics for students of politics, international relations and globalization. It offers an overview and assessment of key perspectives in Global Ethics

Bistoen, Gregory - Trauma, Ethics and the Political beyond PTSD, ebook

Trauma, Ethics and the Political beyond PTSD

Bistoen, Gregory


A Critique of the Ethics of Human Rights in Its Relation to PTSD
Gregory Bistoen
Part II. The Dislocations of the Real
4. The Lacanian Concept of the Real and the Psychoanalytical Take on Trauma
Gregory Bistoen
5. The Lacanian Concept of the Real

Shapcott, Richard - International Ethics: A Critical Introduction, ebook

International Ethics: A Critical Introduction

Shapcott, Richard

From 31,85€

International Ethics: A Critical Introduction provides an engaging and accessible introduction to these foundational questions. In a cogent and carefully argued analysis, Richard Shapcott critically examines the theories of cosmopolitanism, communitarianism, realism

Aranzadi, Javier - Human Action, Economics, and Ethics, ebook

Human Action, Economics, and Ethics

Aranzadi, Javier


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Javier Aranzadi
2. Economic Reality and Human Action
Javier Aranzadi
3. Toward a General Theory of Action
Javier Aranzadi
4. Economic Theory and Theory of Action
Javier Aranzadi
5. The…

Winston, Kenneth - Ethics in Public Life, ebook

Ethics in Public Life

Winston, Kenneth


The Prison Master’s Dilemma: Ethics in a Non-Ideal World
Kenneth Winston
4. Missionaries in China: The Ethics of Exporting Ethics
Kenneth Winston
5. Exporting the Rule of Law to China
Kenneth Winston

Prozorov, Sergei - The Ethics of Postcommunism, ebook

The Ethics of Postcommunism

Prozorov, Sergei


The Janitor Generation: The Ethics of Disengagement in the Late-Soviet Period
Sergei Prozorov
4. From a Shining Void: The Dialectic of Bespredel in Postcommunist Social Praxis
Sergei Prozorov
5. The Invisible Victory: Experimentum Linguae and the Appropriation