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Prior, Jill - One Moment In Time, ebook

One Moment In Time

Prior, Jill


Fifteen years ago, the world for Jill and Roger Prior halted in its tracks, with the death of their youngest daughter, Lisa, a talented ballet dancer and teacher. Their devastation, which made them wonder whether there was any point in carrying on, led…

Campbell, S. Jarvine - Moments of Us, ebook

Moments of Us

Campbell, S. Jarvine


On the surface, Rachel's life seems very complete. She is a successful business woman, with a loving husband and a beautiful teenage daughter but her world is thrown into chaos when her daughter discovers the identity of her biological father. Forced…

Hawkins, David E. - The Bending Moment, ebook

The Bending Moment

Hawkins, David E.


Table of contents
1. The force of balance
David E. Hawkins
Phase One. Decoding the force
2. Corporate silos
David E. Hawkins
3. Customers and competitors
David E. Hawkins
4. Business environment
David E. Hawkins

Croucher, Mel - Great Moments in Computing, ebook

Great Moments in Computing

Croucher, Mel


Great Moments In Computing is the longest-running, most widely read and best loved computer cartoon strip in the world, and this unique collection contains every single episode ... along with unpublished and previously censored versions, and the behind-the-scenes secrets

Hall, Alastair R. - Generalized Method of Moments, ebook

Generalized Method of Moments

Hall, Alastair R.


Hall´s book gives a consistent and accurate account of the academic developments, especially in the time series area, and clearly fills a niche. The level required is that of a graduate student with a good background in econometrics. Copying to clipboard…

Evans, Dason - 101 Things To Do with Spare Moments on the Ward, ebook

101 Things To Do with Spare Moments on the Ward

Evans, Dason


Over 250 contributors, including students, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and therapists from 18 countries, help make you the finest doctor you can be!
Pocket-sized for 'dipping into' during a spare moment or a couple of hours on the ward, this short guide is ideal

Alpay, Daniel - Interpolation, Schur Functions and Moment Problems, ebook

Interpolation, Schur Functions and Moment Problems

Alpay, Daniel


A Truncated Matricial Moment Problem on a Finite Interval
Abdon E. Choque Rivero, Yuriy M. Dyukarev, Bernd Fritzsche, Bernd Kirstein
5. Shift Operators Contained in Contractions, Schur Parameters and Pseudocontinuable Schur Functions
V. K. Dubovoy