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Abel, Thomas - Health and Modernity, ebook

Health and Modernity

Abel, Thomas


Modernity, Public Health, and Health Promotion
Louise Potvin, David V. McQueen
4. Critical Issues in Theory for Health Promotion
David V. McQueen
5. Cultural Capital in Health Promotion
Thomas Abel
6. Understanding

Benson, Tim - Principles of Health Interoperability, ebook

Principles of Health Interoperability

Benson, Tim


The Health Information Revolution
Tim Benson, Grahame Grieve
2. Why Interoperability Is Hard
Tim Benson, Grahame Grieve
3. Models
Tim Benson, Grahame Grieve
Tim Benson, Grahame Grieve
5. Information Governance

Schiavo, Renata - Health Communication: From Theory to Practice, ebook

Health Communication: From Theory to Practice

Schiavo, Renata

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Now in its second edition, Health Communication: From Theory to Practice provides a comprehensive introduction to theory, intervention design, current issues, and special topics in health communication. The book also represents a hands-on guide to program

Agrawal, Abha - Safety of Health IT, ebook

Safety of Health IT

Agrawal, Abha


Errors Related to Various Types of Health Information Technologies
3. Errors Related to CPOE
Jan Horsky
4. Errors Related to Alert Fatigue
Heleen Sijs
5. Errors Related to Bar Code-Assisted Medication Administration
Jonathan S. Bagby
6. Errors

Boufford, Jo Ivey - Urban Health: Global Perspectives, ebook

Urban Health: Global Perspectives

Boufford, Jo Ivey

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In the twentieth century, the urban settings of the wealthy nations were largely associated with opportunity, accumulation of wealth, and better health than their rural counterparts. In the twenty-first century, demographic changes, globalization, and climate change are having important

Ancker, Jessica S. - Cognitive Informatics in Health and Biomedicine, ebook

Cognitive Informatics in Health and Biomedicine

Ancker, Jessica S.


Introduction to the Role of Cognitive Issues in Health Behaviors and the Design of Interventions
1. Cognitive Informatics and Behavior Change in the Health Care Domain
Vimla L. Patel, Jose F. Arocha, Jessica S. Ancker
2. Design and Implementation of Behavioral