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Garevski, Mihail - Earthquake Engineering in Europe, ebook

Earthquake Engineering in Europe

Garevski, Mihail


Seismic Engineering of Monuments
T.P. Tassios
2. Microzonation for Earthquake Scenarios
Atilla Ansal, Gökçe Tönük, Aslı Kurtuluş
3. Analysis of Regional Ground Motion Variations for Engineering Application
Jonathan P. Stewart
4. Non Linear

Jia, Junbo - Modern Earthquake Engineering, ebook

Modern Earthquake Engineering

Jia, Junbo


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Junbo Jia
2. Offshore Structures Versus Land-Based Structures
Junbo Jia
3. Characterize Ground Motions
Junbo Jia
4. Determination of Site Specific Earthquake Ground Motions
Junbo Jia

Ansal, Atilla - Perspectives on European Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, ebook

Perspectives on European Earthquake Engineering and Seismology

Ansal, Atilla


Table of contents
1. Supershear Earthquake Ruptures – Theory, Methods, Laboratory Experiments and Fault Superhighways: An Update
Shamita Das
2. Civil Protection Achievements and Critical Issues in Seismology and Earthquake Engineering Research
Mauro Dolce, Daniela Bucci
3. Earthquake Risk Assessment: Certitudes,