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Manning, Philip - Freud and American Sociology, ebook

Freud and American Sociology

Manning, Philip

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Although Freud’s impact on social science – and indeed 20th century social thought – has been extraordinary, his impact on American sociology has been left relatively unexplored. This ground-breaking book aims to fill this knowledge gap. By examining the work of pioneers such as G.H.Mead,

Skues, Richard A. - Sigmund Freud and the History of Anna O., ebook

Sigmund Freud and the History of Anna O.

Skues, Richard A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Changing History of a Case History
Richard A. Skues
Part I. The Evolution of the Case
2. The 1882 Documents
Richard A. Skues
3. Subsequent Evidence
Richard A. Skues
4. The Publication of the Case Study
Richard A. Skues
5. Freud’s Account: Reconstructions

Sandford, Stella - Plato and Sex, ebook

Plato and Sex

Sandford, Stella

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Including critical readings of the theories of sex and sexuation in Freud and Lacan, and relating such theories to Plato’s writings, Plato and Sex both questions our assumptions about sex and explains how those assumptions have coloured our understanding

Conglu, Christian - Tus sueños hablan de tu sexualidad, ebook

Tus sueños hablan de tu sexualidad

Conglu, Christian


¿Cuál es la relación entre los sueños y la sexualidad? ¿Cómo se manifiestan? ¿Qué diferencia hay entre sueños sexuales y sueños eróticos? ¿Cómo podemos aprender a descifrarlos? Este libro constituye una obra de referencia en la que, tras un breve recorrido por las ideas de Freud,