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Hestermeyer, Holger - Law of the Sea in Dialogue, ebook

Law of the Sea in Dialogue

Hestermeyer, Holger


Table of contents
1. Global Warming and State Responsibility
Christian Tomuschat
2. Measures to Fight Climate Change – A Role for the Law of the Sea?
Michael Bothe
3. An Agreement in Principle? The Copenhagen Accord and the Post-2012 Climate Regime
Jutta Brunnée
4. The Reluctance of the United States

Beneyto, José María - New Approaches to International Law, ebook

New Approaches to International Law

Beneyto, José María


Where Does the Critique of International Human Rights Stand? An Exploration in 18 Vignettes
Frédéric Mégret
2. Self-Critique, (Anti) Politics and Criminalization: Reflections on the History and Trajectory of the Human Rights Movement
Karen Engle

Bongiovanni, Giorgio - Reasonableness and Law, ebook

Reasonableness and Law

Bongiovanni, Giorgio


Philip Pettit’s Law, Liberty and Reason: Republican Freedom and Criminal Justice
Luca Baccelli
9. Proportionality, Judicial Review, and Global Constitutionalism
Alec Stone Sweet, Jud Mathews
10. Constitutional Adjudication and the Principle of Reasonableness