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Berg, Martin - Building an Enterprise Architecture Practice, ebook

Building an Enterprise Architecture Practice

Berg, Martin


Success with Architecture is Not Automatic
3. Vision of Architecture
4. Effective Architecture
5. A SWOT Analysis of the Process
6. Priorities in the Architectural Process
7. The Architect as a Success Factor
8. Making Changes One Step at a Time

Kleinemeier, Michael - Shaping the Digital Enterprise, ebook

Shaping the Digital Enterprise

Kleinemeier, Michael


Table of contents
Part I. Cross-industry Trends
1. Digitalize or Drown
Edward Schreckling, Christoph Steiger
2. The Business Consequences of a Digitally Transformed Economy
Marek Kowalkiewicz, Niz Safrudin, Bert Schulze
3. It’s…

Srinivasan, Venkat - The Intelligent Enterprise in the Era of Big Data, ebook

The Intelligent Enterprise in the Era of Big Data

Srinivasan, Venkat


“ … the enterprise of today has changed … wherever you sit in this new corporation … Srinivasan gives us a practical and provocative guide for rethinking our business process … calling us all to action around rapid development of our old, hierarchical structures into flexible customer

Jain, Ashish - Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures, ebook

Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures

Jain, Ashish


Table of contents
1. Understanding Service-Oriented Architecture
2. Component-Based Services
3. Orchestration
4. Working with Registry and UDDI
5. Understanding Enterprise Security
6. SOA Management
7. Transactions
8. Event-Driven Architecture

Printing: not available

Poler, Raúl - Enterprise Interoperability, ebook

Enterprise Interoperability

Poler, Raúl


Barriers to Enterprise Interoperability
Johan Ullberg, David Chen, Pontus Johnson
3. A SOA-Based Platform-Specific Framework for Context-Aware Mobile Applications
Laura M. Daniele, Eduardo Silva, Luís Ferreira Pires, Marten Sinderen
4. An Ontological

Zelm, Martin - Enterprise Interoperability: I-ESA'12 Proceedings, ebook

Enterprise Interoperability: I-ESA'12 Proceedings

Zelm, Martin


In a fast changing world governed by innovative Enterprise Services and the Future Internet, the issue of Enterprise Interoperability is no longer limited to the interoperation of systems within a single company, but has become a much greater multi-view