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Yao, Z. H. - Computational Mechanics, ebook

Computational Mechanics

Yao, Z. H.


Rigid Element Concept for Geometric Nonlinear Analysis of Structures Involving Postbuckling Response
Y. B. Yang
3. Unstructured Mesh Generation and Its Parallelization
Yao Zheng, Jianjun Chen
4. Material Point Method for Numerical

Seydel, Rüdiger U. - Tools for Computational Finance, ebook

Tools for Computational Finance

Seydel, Rüdiger U.


Table of contents
2. Modeling Toole for Financial Options
Rüdiger U. Seydel
3. Generating Random Numbers with Specified Distribution
Rüdiger U. Seydel
4. Monte Carlo Simulation with Stochastic Differential Equations

Chaovalitwongse, Wanpracha - Computational Neuroscience, ebook

Computational Neuroscience

Chaovalitwongse, Wanpracha


Recent Advances of Data Biclustering with Application in Computational Neuroscience
Neng Fan, Nikita Boyko, Panos M. Pardalos
7. A Genetic Classifier Account for the Regulation of Expression
Tsvi Achler, Eyal Amir
8. Neuroelectromagnetic Source Imaging

Langer, Ulrich - Numerical and Symbolic Scientific Computing, ebook

Numerical and Symbolic Scientific Computing

Langer, Ulrich


A Symbolic Approach to Generation and Analysis of Finite Difference Schemes of Partial Differential Equations
Viktor Levandovskyy, Bernd Martin
8. White Noise Analysis for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations

Teolis, Anthony - Computational Signal Processing with Wavelets, ebook

Computational Signal Processing with Wavelets

Teolis, Anthony


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anthony Teolis
2. mathematical Premilinaries
Anthony Teolis
3. Signal Representation and Frames
Anthony Teolis
4. Continuous Wavelet and Gabor Transforms
Anthony Teolis
5. Discrete Wavelet Transforms
Anthony Teolis
6. Overcomplete Wavelet Transforms