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Neuman, Yair - Computational Personality Analysis, ebook

Computational Personality Analysis

Neuman, Yair


Introduction: From The Princess Bride to Computational Personality
Yair Neuman
2. Personality in a Nutshell: Understanding Who We Are
Yair Neuman
3. Computational Personality Analysis: When the Machine Meets the Psychologist
Yair Neuman
4. Distributional

Bosch, Antal van den - Arabic Computational Morphology, ebook

Arabic Computational Morphology

Bosch, Antal van den


Arabic Computational Morphology: Knowledge-based and Empirical Methods
Abdelhadi Soudi, Günter Neumann, Antal van den Bosch
2. On Arabic Transliteration
Nizar Habash, Abdelhadi Soudi, Timothy Buckwalter
3. Issues in Arabic Morphological Analysis

Bunt, Harry - Trends in Parsing Technology, ebook

Trends in Parsing Technology

Bunt, Harry


Table of contents
1. Current Trends in Parsing Technology
Paola Merlo, Harry Bunt, Joakim Nivre
2. Single Malt or Blended? A Study in Multilingual Parser Optimization
Johan Hall, Jens Nilsson, Joakim Nivre
3. A Latent Variable Model…

Mahlow, Cerstin - State of the Art in Computational Morphology, ebook

State of the Art in Computational Morphology

Mahlow, Cerstin


JSLIM – Computational Morphology in the Framework of the SLIM Theory of Language
Johannes Handl, Besim Kabashi, Thomas Proisl, Carsten Weber
3. HFST Tools for Morphology – An Efficient Open-Source Package for Construction of Morphological Analyzers

Blochowiak, Joanna - Formal Models in the Study of Language, ebook

Formal Models in the Study of Language

Blochowiak, Joanna


Table of contents
1. Formal Models in the Study of Language: Introduction
Joanna Blochowiak, Cristina Grisot, Stéphanie Durrleman, Christopher Laenzlinger
Part I. Linguistic Models
2. A Feature-Based Account of Weak Islands
Christopher Laenzlinger, Gabriela Soare
3. On the Syntax and Pragmatics of Some