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Hand, Elizabeth - Pimeää kohti, ebook

Pimeää kohti

Hand, Elizabeth


Kun salaperäinen taho haluaa Cassin todentavan suomalaisen, blackmetalkultista irtautuneen valokuvaajan hurmeisten kuvien aitouden, Cass lentää Helsinkiin tapaamaan kuvaajaa. Palkkion saatuaan Cass siirtyy nuoruuden rakkautensa

Grant, Peter - The Business of Giving, ebook

The Business of Giving

Grant, Peter


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Peter Grant
Part I. The Theory of Social Investment
2. Philanthropy, Grantmaking and Social Investment
Peter Grant
3. A Short History of Philanthropy
Peter Grant
4. Theories of Change and…

Verity, Julie - The New Strategic Landscape, ebook

The New Strategic Landscape

Verity, Julie


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Julie Verity
2. Strategy for a Complex World
Jean Boulton
3. Strategy and the New Uncertainty
Robert Davies
4. Design Thinking
Julie Verity, Kevin McCullagh
5. Behavioural Strategy

Davies, Robert W. - The Era of Global Transition, ebook

The Era of Global Transition

Davies, Robert W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Robert W. Davies
2. From Blue Skies to Ambiguity
Robert W. Davies
3. Exploration
Robert W. Davies
4. Power, States and a World in Transition
Robert W. Davies
5. A 21st-century medievalism?

Changeux, Jean-Pierre - Neurobiology of Human Values, ebook

Neurobiology of Human Values

Changeux, Jean-Pierre


Table of contents
1. Creation, Art, and the Brain
Jean-Pierre Changeux
2. Did Evolution Fix Human Values?
Camilo J. Cela-Conde
3. Homo homini lupus? Morality, the Social Instincts, and our Fellow Primates
Frans B. M. Waal
4. Disorders of Social Conduct Following Damage to Prefrontal Cortices

Lemnitzer, Jan Martin - Power, Law and the End of Privateering, ebook

Power, Law and the End of Privateering

Lemnitzer, Jan Martin


‘The United States Have a Vote in Framing the Maritime Law of this Age’ — The Cass Memorandum and Bremen’s Campaign for the Marcy Amendment
Jan Martin Lemnitzer
7. The Declaration of Paris and the American Civil War
Jan Martin Lemnitzer
8. ‘Announcing