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Schwetje, Gerald - The Business Plan, ebook

The Business Plan

Schwetje, Gerald


Table of contents
1. Necessity of planning
2. Business plan project
3. Executive summary
4. Business idea and strategic goals
5. Management team and organization
6. Products and services
7. Market and competition
8. Marketing and sales
9. Research and development
10. Production
11. Procurement

Machan, Tibor R. - The Morality of Business, ebook

The Morality of Business

Machan, Tibor R.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Ownership Rights and Commerce
3. Business and Capitalism
4. Taxes and Government
5. Advertising, Propaganda and Journalism
6. Jobs in a Free Country
7. Corporations and Morality
8. Wealth Care and More
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Galindo, Miguel-Angel - Entrepreneurship and Business, ebook

Entrepreneurship and Business

Galindo, Miguel-Angel


Table of contents
I.Entrepreneurship in the Regional Context
1. Introduction
2. A General View on Regional Economics
3. Issues in Regional Economics: The Economic Thought of Some Italian Authors of the Past
4. Entrepreneurial Structure From a Regional Perspective
5. Entrepreneurship and Growth: The

Segal, Steven - Business Feel, ebook

Business Feel

Segal, Steven


Unmasking Management Theoreticians
Steven Segal
5. From a Science to a Philosophy of Management
Steven Segal
6. Leading Managers out of Plato’s Cave
Steven Segal
7. Strange Bedfellows: Jack Welch and Martin

Zinzius, Birgit - China Business, ebook

China Business

Zinzius, Birgit


Table of contents
Teil I.Das Chinageschäft
1. „Auf nach China“ — aber warum?
2. Marktchancen (fast) für jeden?
3. Was Sie in China erwartet
4. Chinageschäft und inter-kulturelle Kommunikation
Teil II.Unternehmen in China

Brocke, Jan - Handbook on Business Process Management 2, ebook

Handbook on Business Process Management 2

Brocke, Jan


Delivering Business Strategy Through Process Management
Roger Burlton
2. Management of Process Excellence
Mathias Kirchmer
3. Process Capital as Strategic Success Factor: The Lufthansa Example
Markus Brenner, André Coners
4. Process Classification