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Lam, Tsit Yuen - Serre’s Problem on Projective Modules, ebook

Serre’s Problem on Projective Modules

Lam, Tsit Yuen


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Serre’s Conjecture: 1955–1976
Tsit Yuen Lam
2. Foundations
Tsit Yuen Lam
3. The “Classical” Results on Serre’s Conjecture
Tsit Yuen Lam
4. The Basic Calculus of Unimodular Rows

Vasil'ev, Alexander - Harmonic and Complex Analysis and its Applications, ebook

Harmonic and Complex Analysis and its Applications

Vasil'ev, Alexander


Table of contents
1. Function Spaces of Polyanalytic Functions
Luis Daniel Abreu, Hans G. Feichtinger
2. Classical and Stochastic Löwner–Kufarev Equations
Filippo Bracci, Manuel D. Contreras, Santiago Díaz-Madrigal, Alexander Vasil’ev
3. The Schwarz Lemma: Rigidity and Dynamics
Mark Elin, Fiana

Bai, Chengming - Conformal Field Theories and Tensor Categories, ebook

Conformal Field Theories and Tensor Categories

Bai, Chengming


From Hopf Algebras to Tensor Categories
N. Andruskiewitsch, I. Angiono, A. García Iglesias, B. Torrecillas, C. Vay
2. Pattern-of-Zeros Approach to Fractional Quantum Hall States and a Classification of Symmetric Polynomial of Infinite Variables

Herstein, I. N. - Some Aspects of Ring Theory, ebook

Some Aspects of Ring Theory

Herstein, I. N.


Table of contents
1. Associative Rings With Identities
S. A. Amitsur
2. Topics In Ring Theory
I. N. Herstein
3. Representation Theory of Jordan Algebras
N. Jacobson
4. The Theory of Homological Dimension
Irving Kaplansky
5. Complexes in Local Ring Theory
D. Buchsbaum
6. Two Topics In

Callegaro, Filippo - Perspectives in Lie Theory, ebook

Perspectives in Lie Theory

Callegaro, Filippo


Introduction to Vertex Algebras, Poisson Vertex Algebras, and Integrable Hamiltonian PDE
Victor Kac
2. An Introduction to Algebras of Chiral Differential Operators
Fyodor Malikov

Krylov, Piotr - Formal Matrices, ebook

Formal Matrices

Krylov, Piotr


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Piotr Krylov, Askar Tuganbaev
2. Formal Matrix Rings
Piotr Krylov, Askar Tuganbaev
3. Modules over Formal Matrix Rings
Piotr Krylov, Askar Tuganbaev
4. Formal Matrix Rings over a Given Ring
Piotr Krylov, Askar Tuganbaev
5. Grothendieck and Whitehead Groups

Kasch, Friedrich - Regularity and Substructures of Hom, ebook

Regularity and Substructures of Hom

Kasch, Friedrich


Table of contents
1. Notation and Background
2. Regular Homomorphisms
3. Indecomposable Modules
4. Regularity in Modules
5. Regularity in HomR(A, M) as a One-sided Module
6. Relative Regularity: U-Regularity and Semiregularity