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McKinley, Michael - The Game Artist's Guide to Maya, ebook

The Game Artist's Guide to Maya

McKinley, Michael


The Game Artist's Guide to Maya is an official introduction to creating 3D game art and animations with Maya, brought to you by Maya Press, a publishing partnership between Alias and Sybex. Written by a production artist at a prominent

Tosa, Naoko - Cross-Cultural Computing: An Artist's Journey, ebook

Cross-Cultural Computing: An Artist's Journey

Tosa, Naoko


Table of contents
1. Introduction – The Discovery of Cultural Computing
Naoko Tosa
2. Computing Feelings
Naoko Tosa
3. Computing Stories
Naoko Tosa
4. Computing Culture
Naoko Tosa
5. Cultures, Subconscious and Creativity…

Charles, Victoria - 1000 Watercolours of Genius, ebook

1000 Watercolours of Genius

Charles, Victoria


In the 18th century, English artists created of it an autonomous medium freed from academic constraints, an evolution which would have a considerable impact for following generations. Amongst the most famous artists to have produced