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Mennell, Stephen - The American Civilizing Process, ebook

The American Civilizing Process

Mennell, Stephen

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Since 9/11, the American government has presumed to speak and act in the name of ‘civilization’. But isthat how the rest of the world sees it? And if not, why not?

Stephen Mennell leads up to such contemporary questions through a careful study of the whole span of American

Wicks, Robert J. - The Inner Life of the Counselor, ebook

The Inner Life of the Counselor

Wicks, Robert J.


He allows us to embrace and nourish our inner life so we as counselors may live both mindfully and with a greater sense of meaning . . . [and] underscores the importance of cleansing our reflections so we can avoid 'contamination' of those we care for and not

Jelača, Dijana - The Cultural Life of Capitalism in Yugoslavia, ebook

The Cultural Life of Capitalism in Yugoslavia

Jelača, Dijana


Popular Hybrids the Yugoslav Way: What a Girl Would Buy for Her Pocket Money
Reana Senjković
Part III. Cultural Struggles and Social Movements
13. Protesting for Production: The Dita Factory Occupation and the Struggle for Justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sobe, Noah W. - American Post-Conflict Educational Reform, ebook

American Post-Conflict Educational Reform

Sobe, Noah W.


The “American Century” Begins
2. Education at the End of a Gun: The Origins of American Imperial Education in the Philippines
Benjamin Justice
3. “The Path of Progress”: Protestant Missions, Education, and U.S.

Maclean, Rupert - Life in Schools and Classrooms, ebook

Life in Schools and Classrooms

Maclean, Rupert


Looking in Classrooms: How Have the Ways of Studying Classrooms Changed?
8. Systematic Observation: Changes and Continuities Over Time
Frank Hardman, Jan Hardman
9. Classroom Cultures and the Ethnographic Experience
Sara Delamont
10. Cultural-Historical