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Joukov, Nikolai - Information Science and Applications (ICISA) 2016, ebook

Information Science and Applications (ICISA) 2016

Joukov, Nikolai


Jamming-Resilient Adaptive Network Protocol in Wireless Networks
Jae-Joon Lee, Jinsuk Kang, Soo Suk Lee
2. A Framework on Cloud Based Connected Car Services
Sumendra Yogarayan, Afizan Azman, Kirbana Jai Raman, Hesham Ali Alsayed Elbendary, Mohd Fikri Azli

Hung, Jason C - Frontier Computing, ebook

Frontier Computing

Hung, Jason C


An Assisted Forklift Pallet Detection with Adaptive Structure Feature Algorithm for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
Jia-Liang Syu, Hsin-Ting Li, Jen-Shiun Chiang, Chih-Hsien Hsia, Po-Han Wu, Chi-Fang Hsieh
27. Distributed Resource Allocation Approach

Jeong, Young-Sik - Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering, ebook

Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering

Jeong, Young-Sik


Enabling Consumer Trust Upon Acceptance of IoT Technologies Through Security and Privacy Model
Wazir Zada Khan, Mohammed Y Aalsalem, Muhammad Khurram Khan, Quratulain Arshad
16. Defects Extraction for QFN Based on Texture Detection and Region of Interest Selection

Wang, Yuanzhi - Education and Educational Technology, ebook

Education and Educational Technology

Wang, Yuanzhi


Application of Streaming Media Technology in Modern Distance Education
Rong Yu
40. Study on Innovation Mode of Quality Piano Curriculum in Senior Normal Universities and Colleges
Zhuo Hu
41. Strengthening Quality Monitoring System of the Experiment