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McKinley, Michael - The Game Artist's Guide to Maya, ebook

The Game Artist's Guide to Maya

McKinley, Michael


The Game Artist's Guide to Maya is an official introduction to creating 3D game art and animations with Maya, brought to you by Maya Press, a publishing partnership between Alias and Sybex. Written by a production artist at a prominent

Olrik, - - The Artist s Muse - erotic short story, ebook

The Artist s Muse - erotic short story

Olrik, -


Maybe that's why she gets so confused when the artist wants to hear her opinion and gives her his business card. She hadn't thought that he would be her age, nor that he would be so attractive. The business card is burning in her pocket, right until the time when she

Tosa, Naoko - Cross-Cultural Computing: An Artist's Journey, ebook

Cross-Cultural Computing: An Artist's Journey

Tosa, Naoko


Table of contents
1. Introduction – The Discovery of Cultural Computing
Naoko Tosa
2. Computing Feelings
Naoko Tosa
3. Computing Stories
Naoko Tosa
4. Computing Culture
Naoko Tosa
5. Cultures, Subconscious and Creativity…