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Walker, Janet - My Journey With Jesus, ebook

My Journey With Jesus

Walker, Janet


In this slim volume of verse, Janet Walker describes how the Lord's love has brought strength, joy and peace to her life, the author uses illustrations and verse to explore her faith.

Walker, Graham - The Labour Party in Scotland, ebook

The Labour Party in Scotland

Walker, Graham


A Century of Labour in Scotland: Struggles and Achievements
Graham Walker
2. The Sectarianism Debate and the Advent of Devolution
Graham Walker
3. ‘Indyref’, Identity Politics, and the Union in Question

Walker, Steve - The Power of Tolkien’s Prose, ebook

The Power of Tolkien’s Prose

Walker, Steve


Always On and On
Steve Walker
6. The Potency of the Words
Steve Walker
7. Just a Bit of Nonsense
Steve Walker
8. Conclusion What You Will See, If You Leave the Mirror

Walker, Mark - Free Money for All, ebook

Free Money for All

Walker, Mark


Table of contents
1. Basic Income Guarantee
Mark Walker
2. Paying for Basic Income Guarantee
Mark Walker
3. Fulltime Capitalism: Basic Income Guarantee as a Dividend from State Capital
Mark Walker
4. Capitalism: Consequentialism versus Rights
Mark Walker
5. Peace, Robots, and Technological

Walker, Janet - Heart to Heart, ebook

Heart to Heart

Walker, Janet


Here Janet Walker shares thoughts inspired by incidents as diverse as a child walking on a wall, a game with a balloon, a visit to the snake house and a moment of panic as she crawled through a cave far below the ground.

Walker, Julia I. - Nonprofit Essentials: Major Gifts, ebook

Nonprofit Essentials: Major Gifts

Walker, Julia I.

From 41,80€

Julie Walker shows you how to do it all-- find the prospects, staff the program, and ask for the money. The sidebar stories and real-world examples sprinkled throughout the book are entertaining, yet still make a point. I would buy it for the advice and keep it for

Walker, Tim - Lost in Finland: How I met your mother and other awkward stories, ebook

Lost in Finland: How I met your mother and other awkward stories

Walker, Tim


When Tim Walker was growing up in America, he knew a family called the Kivinens. People in Tim' s hometown used to say that this family was different, which was a polite way of saying strange. The family' s blond children ran around naked in their backyard, and that horrified the neighbors.