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Bon, Anne-Marie Le - Flavour: From Food to Perception, ebook

Flavour: From Food to Perception

Bon, Anne-Marie Le


This book will cover all aspects of flavour perception, including aroma, taste and the role of the trigeminal nerve, from the general composition of food to the perception at the peri-receptor and central level. This book will answer to a growing need…

Doty, Richard L. - Handbook of Olfaction and Gustation, ebook

Handbook of Olfaction and Gustation

Doty, Richard L.


The largest collection of basic, clinical, and applied knowledge on the chemical senses ever compiled in one volume, the third edition of Handbook of Olfaction and Gustation encompass recent developments in all fields of chemosensory science, particularly…

Zeb, Alam - Food Frying: Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Safety, ebook

Food Frying: Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Safety

Zeb, Alam


A wide-ranging exploration of the science and practice of food frying
Frying is one of the world’s most popular methods of food preparation. Whether using oils or fats, it is valued for the particular flavors and textures it can bring, and represents…

Rovira, Dolf De - Dictionary of Flavors, ebook

Dictionary of Flavors

Rovira, Dolf De


The third edition of this highly popular scientific reference continues to provide a unique approach to flavors, flavor chemistry and natural products. Dictionary of Flavors features entries on all flavor ingredients granted G.R.A.S. status, compounds…

Leslie, Eliza - Directions for Cookery, ebook

Directions for Cookery

Leslie, Eliza


It contains recipes for all sorts of dishes, from soups, to meat, to fish, to vegetables, to puddings, to liquor, and even includes recipes for traditional medicines, perfumes and more.

Koolman, Jan - Kaffee, Käse, Karies ...: Biochemie im Alltag, ebook

Kaffee, Käse, Karies ...: Biochemie im Alltag

Koolman, Jan

From 14,95€

What is the kick we get from our morning cup of coffee or tea and why are we attracted by the smell of spices or perfume? How do the holes get in the cheese and why should you not clean your teeth after drinking a glass of wine?
The authors have succeeded in explaining everyday objects

Phillips, Derek - The Wonder of Woolies, ebook

The Wonder of Woolies

Phillips, Derek


Do you remember Melba chocolate, spud guns, Embassy records, pick 'n' mix, broken biscuits, Homemaker china, Californian Poppy perfume, and Ladybird children's clothes? Then you will love the book that brings these, and many other memories, flooding back. The Wonder of Woolies is a celebration

Pini, Giorgio - Modelismo naval, ebook

Modelismo naval

Pini, Giorgio


En las tumbas de los faraones de Egipto, entre carros de guerra, ungüentos, perfumes y joyas, se han encontrado perfectas reproducciones a escala de barcos funerarios que tenían que acompañar al ilustre difunto en su último viaje.

Beretta, Daniela - Las rosas - Cultivo y cuidados, ebook

Las rosas - Cultivo y cuidados

Beretta, Daniela


Cultivadas desde el siglo xv, llaman la atención por su belleza, delicadeza, perfume y por la diversidad de especies cultivadas. En esta obra podrá encontrar toda la información sobre: Las diferentes variedades de rosales (de arbusto, cubresuelos, miniatura, sarmentosos,