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Chen, Songlin - Sex Control in Aquaculture, ebook

Sex Control in Aquaculture

Chen, Songlin


With contributions from an international panel of leading scientists, Sex Control in Aquaculture will appeal to a large audience:  aquaculture/fisheries professionals and students, scientists or biologists working with

Romanowicz, Barbara - Lithospheric Discontinuities, ebook

Lithospheric Discontinuities

Romanowicz, Barbara


A multidisciplinary update on continental plate tectonics and plate boundary discontinuities
Understanding the origin and evolution of the continental crust continues to challenge Earth scientists. Lithospheric Discontinuities offers a multidisciplinary review of fine scale layering

Speight, James G. - Handbook of Natural Gas Analysis, ebook

Handbook of Natural Gas Analysis

Speight, James G.


This important guide: Contains detailed information on natural gas and its constituents Offers an analysis of methane, gas hydrates, ethane, propane, butane, and gas condensate Includes information on the behavior of natural gas to aid in the planning for recovery, storage, transportation, and use Covers