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Bock, Gregory R. - Molecular Mechanisms Influencing Aggressive Behaviours, ebook

Molecular Mechanisms Influencing Aggressive Behaviours

Bock, Gregory R.


This book features scientists from a broad spectrum of disciplines discussing recent data on aggression in laboratory animals with particular reference to possible implications for understanding human aggression.  Chapters focus on the major current experimental issues in the study of aggression

Gross, Donald - Fundamentals of Queueing Theory, ebook

Fundamentals of Queueing Theory

Gross, Donald


Rather than focus narrowly on a particular application area, the authors illustrate the theory in practice across a range of fields, from computer science and various engineering disciplines to business and operations research. Critically, the text also provides a

Wilde, Pieter de - Building Performance Analysis, ebook

Building Performance Analysis

Wilde, Pieter de


In doing so, it attempts to answer the following questions: What is building performance? How can building performance be measured and analyzed? How does the analysis of building performance guide the improvement of buildings? And what can the building domain learn from the way performance is handled in

Speight, James G. - Handbook of Natural Gas Analysis, ebook

Handbook of Natural Gas Analysis

Speight, James G.


ASTM is an organization that is recognized globally across borders, disciplines and industries and works to improve performance in manufacturing and materials and products. This important guide: Contains detailed information on natural gas and its constituents Offers