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Davidson, James - An Introduction to Econometric Theory, ebook

An Introduction to Econometric Theory

Davidson, James


A guide to economics, statistics and finance that explores the mathematical foundations underling econometric methods
An Introduction to Econometric Theory offers a text to help in the mastery of the mathematics that underlie econometric methods

Dinner, Aaron R. - Advances in Chemical Physics, ebook

Advances in Chemical Physics

Dinner, Aaron R.


The Advances in Chemical Physics series provides the chemical physics field with a forum for critical, authoritative evaluations of advances in every area of the discipline.
•    This is the only series of volumes available that presents the cutting…

Weiss, Christian H. - An Introduction to Discrete-Valued Time Series, ebook

An Introduction to Discrete-Valued Time Series

Weiss, Christian H.


Statistical process control, including various control charts (such as cumulative sum control charts), and performance evaluation are treated at length. Classic approaches like ARMA models and the Box-Jenkins program are also featured with the basics of these approaches