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Land, C.M. van 't - Safety in Design, ebook

Safety in Design

Land, C.M. van 't


Expert insight and guidance on integrating safety into design to significantly reduce risks to people, systems, property, and communities
Safe design refers to the integration of hazard identification and risk assessment methods early in the design process

Anastas, Paul T. - Green Chemical Engineering, ebook

Green Chemical Engineering

Anastas, Paul T.


Written by an international team of specialists with each section edited by international leading experts, this book provides first-hand insights into the field, covering chemical engineering process design, innovations in unit operations and manufacturing, biorefining

Engel, Avner - Practical Creativity and Innovation in Systems Engineering, ebook

Practical Creativity and Innovation in Systems Engineering

Engel, Avner


Includes a large collection of practical creative methods applicable to engineering and other technological domains Includes innovation advice needed to transform creative ideas into new products, services, businesses and marketing processes Contains references and notes for further reading in every section