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Wilson, Alison - Changing Women's Lives, ebook

Changing Women's Lives

Wilson, Alison


Rosemary Murray (1913-2004) was the eldest of six children in a happy, talented and energetic family whose deeply-engrained attitude of service to the community she inherited. She studied chemistry at Oxford, becoming one of the first women at LMH to…

Eldon, Stan - Life on the Run, ebook

Life on the Run

Eldon, Stan


This is the story of one athlete of the 20th century and a record of the changing world of athletics during that period. It has been written because of the vast changes in sport, and athletics in particular, over a period of fifty or more years. There have been many changes but very few

Todd, R. Larry - Mendelssohn : A Life in Music, ebook

Mendelssohn : A Life in Music

Todd, R. Larry


He also explores Mendelssohn's changing awareness of his religious heritage, Wagner's virulent anti-Semitic attack on Mendelssohn's music, the composer's complex relationship with his sister Fanny Hensel, herself a child prodigy and prolific composer, his avocation

Mayers, D.D. - You Have Not a Leg to Stand On, ebook

You Have Not a Leg to Stand On

Mayers, D.D.


Then tragedy struck; an accident left him paralysed from the waist down, destined to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Mayers takes the reader on an emotional yet witty and amusing tour of his life, guiding us from his

Goldstein, Jack - 101 Amazing Women, ebook

101 Amazing Women

Goldstein, Jack


Some have made scientific discoveries vital to modern-day life, whereas others have fought for human rights, shaped entire countries and broken down barriers. This fascinating book introduces the reader to over one hundred such figures, with each having made important

Wignall, Steve - You Can Have Chips, ebook

You Can Have Chips

Wignall, Steve


Giving a fascinating, behind the scenes insight into life as a player and as a manager, and peppered with wonderful anecdotes that reflect his cheeky Scouse humour, Steve gives an honest account of his long journey of highs and lows in both his professional and personal

Levy, Tony - A Turnkey or Not, ebook

A Turnkey or Not

Levy, Tony


A chance meeting on holiday in Majorca changed Tony Levy’s life forever and launched him into a 25-year career in a job that he never would’ve considered previously: working in Her Majesty’s Prison Service. This book catalogues Tony’s personal experiences of working as a prison officer,