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Ellis, Edward Sylvester - The Letters of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, ebook

The Letters of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ellis, Edward Sylvester


The private letters to friends and family of one of history's greatest musical minds, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A wonderful look into the personal life of the great composer. Translated into English and with full notes on names and phrases used in the letters.

Barratt, Robin - Maria's Story, ebook

Maria's Story

Barratt, Robin


When Robin Barratt and his wife first met Maria in Moscow, they had no idea how much of an impact she would have on their own lives. From the initial interest in her story, the horror of discovering her daily struggle to survive through to active involvement…

Gediman, Dan - This I Believe: Life Lessons, ebook

This I Believe: Life Lessons

Gediman, Dan


Inspiring life wisdom from people of all ages—based on the This I Believe radio program
The popular This I Believe series, which has aired on NPR and on Bob Edwards' shows on Sirius XM Satellite and public radio, explores the personal beliefs and guiding principles by which Americans

Hollingsworth, John - Heel and Toe!, ebook

Heel and Toe!

Hollingsworth, John


Memoirs of John, who was born with cerebral palsy in 1932 – twenty years before the term ‘spastic’ was invented and before this handicap was publicised in any way - up to 1965. The first thirty-three years of his life were spent in London, including…

Lierow, Diane - Dani's Story: A Journey from Neglect to Love, ebook

Dani's Story: A Journey from Neglect to Love

Lierow, Diane


The story that captivated a nation?how a horribly neglected little girl was rescued by her loving adoptive parents
In July 2005, a six-year-old girl named Danielle was removed from her Florida home after authorities found her living in bug-ridden…

London, Jack - John Barleycorn, ebook

John Barleycorn

London, Jack


A fascinating autobiographical account of the author Jack London’s personal experiences with alcohol, both in its enjoyment and its addiction.