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Hegde, Radha Sarma - Mediating Migration, ebook

Mediating Migration

Hegde, Radha Sarma


Media practices and the everyday cultures of transnational migrants are deeply interconnected. Mediating Migration narrates aspects of the migrant experience as shaped by the technologies of communication and the social, political and cultural configurations

Fahlenbrach, Kathrin - The Establishment Responds, ebook

The Establishment Responds

Fahlenbrach, Kathrin


Professionalizing Dissent: Protest, Political Communication, and the Media
Ralph Negrine
4. The Imagery of Power Facing the Power of Imagery: Toward a Visual Analysis of Social Movements
Nicole Doerr, Simon Teune
5. Studying Power/Knowledge Formations:

Badenoch, Alexander - Materializing Europe, ebook

Materializing Europe

Badenoch, Alexander


Introduction Europe Materializing? Toward a Transnational History of European Infrastructures
Alexander Badenoch, Andreas Fickers
Part I. Questioning the Connections between Infrastructures and Europe
2. Detours around Africa: The Connection between Developing

Manning, Patrick - Big Data in History, ebook

Big Data in History

Manning, Patrick


Table of contents
1. Challenges of Big Data in History
Patrick Manning
2. The Need to Know our Global Past
Patrick Manning
3. CHIA: Its Collaborative Mission, Structure, and Innovation
Patrick Manning
4. Mission 1: Assembling…

Cullis, James - Climate Change and the Humanities, ebook

Climate Change and the Humanities

Cullis, James


Belief in Change: The Role of Media and Communications in Driving Action on Climate Change
Catherine Happer
Part III. Future
10. Climate Change and Future Aesthetics
Emily Brady
11. Investment Without Return: On Futures that Will Never Be Ours

Taylor, Miles - The Age of Asa, ebook

The Age of Asa

Taylor, Miles


From the Daily Mail to the BBC: Communications in Britain, c. 1896–1922
James Thompson
8. Broadcasting Carries On! Asa Briggs and the History of the Wartime BBC
Siân Nicholas
9. Asa and the Epochs: The BBC, the Historian, the Institution and the

Howsam, Leslie - Books between Europe and the Americas, ebook

Books between Europe and the Americas

Howsam, Leslie


Bookmen, Naturalists and British Atlantic Communication, c. 1730–60
Nicholas Wrightson
7. The Dutch Book Trade in Colonial New York City: The Transatlantic Connection
Joyce D. Goodfriend
8. Classical Transports: Latin and Greek Texts in North and

Elliott, Bruce S. - Letters across Borders, ebook

Letters across Borders

Elliott, Bruce S.


Epistolary Communication between Migrant Workers and their Families
Miguel Angel Vargas
Part III. Silences and Censorship
8. Epistolary Masquerades: Acts of Deceiving and Withholding in Immigrant Letters
David A. Gerber
9. Reading and Writing across