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Maurer, Eva - Soviet Space Culture, ebook

Soviet Space Culture

Maurer, Eva


Spirituality, Transcendence and Soviet Utopianism
3. Introduction to Part I
Julia Richers, Eva Maurer
4. The Conquest of Space and the Bliss of the Atoms: Konstantin Tsiolkovskii
Michael Hagemeister
5. Into the Void: Philosophical Fantasy and Fantastic

Geppert, Alexander C. T. - Imagining Outer Space, ebook

Imagining Outer Space

Geppert, Alexander C. T.


Table of contents
1. European Astrofuturism, Cosmic Provincialism: Historicizing the Space Age
Alexander C. T. Geppert
Part I. Narrating Outer Space
2. Space, Time and Aliens: The Role of Imagination in Outer Space
Steven J. Dick
3. Heaven on Earth: Tunguska, 30 June 1908
Claudia Schmölders

Launius, Roger D. - Exploring the Solar System, ebook

Exploring the Solar System

Launius, Roger D.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Roger D. Launius
Part I. Managing Planetary Science
2. Homer Newell and the Origins of Planetary Science in the United States
John D. Ruley
3. The Survival Crisis of the US Solar System Exploration Program in the 1980s
John M. Logsdon
4. Faster, Better, Cheaper: