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Abbott, Philip - Accidental Presidents, ebook

Accidental Presidents

Abbott, Philip


Lyndon Baines Johnson “For millions of Americans I was still illegitimate, a naked man with no presidential covering, a pretender to the throne, an illegal usurper”
Philip Abbott
Part III. Minimalist Strategies
9. Calvin Coolidge “I thought I could

Bajetta, Carlo M. - Elizabeth I's Italian Letters, ebook

Elizabeth I's Italian Letters

Bajetta, Carlo M.


Table of contents
1. Letter 1 To Katherine Parr
Carlo M. Bajetta
2. Letter 2 To Lorenzo Priuli, Doge of Venice, March 1560/1
Carlo M. Bajetta
3. Letter 3 To Guido Giannetti [1560/1]
Carlo M. Bajetta
4. Letter 4 February–April/May 1566
Carlo M. Bajetta
5. Letter 5 May–June 1567