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Davis, Henry - Medieval Europe, ebook

Medieval Europe

Davis, Henry


Written by Henry Davis, it covers subjects such as the papacy, the crusades, and the geo-political situation of European countries. It is an interesting and accurate history, and will appeal to a wide range of readers.

Hornsby, Alton - A Companion to African American History, ebook

A Companion to African American History

Hornsby, Alton


A Companion to African American History is a collection of original and authoritative essays arranged thematically and topically, covering a wide range of subjects from the seventeenth century to the present day.
Analyzes the major sources and the most influential books and articles

Gillespie, Carol - Classics in Post-Colonial Worlds, ebook

Classics in Post-Colonial Worlds

Gillespie, Carol


Classical material was traditionally used to express colonial authority, but it was also appropriated by imperial subjects and put to new uses. In this collection of essays, international scholars debate the relationship between the culture of Greece and Rome and the changes that have followed

Lee, A. D. - War in Late Antiquity: A Social History, ebook

War in Late Antiquity: A Social History

Lee, A. D.


Explores the implications of war and the army in a broad range of areas encompassing politics, the economy, and social life
Pays particular attention to the experience of war from the perspective of
Investigates the religious dimension of military life and the role of the army

Totman, Conrad - A History of Japan, ebook

A History of Japan

Totman, Conrad


Covers a wide range of subjects, including geology, climate, agriculture, government and politics, culture, literature, media, foreign relations, imperialism, and industrialism.
Updated to include an epilogue on Japan today and tomorrow.
Now includes

Jones, Norman - A Companion to Tudor Britain, ebook

A Companion to Tudor Britain

Jones, Norman


An authoritative overview of scholarly debates about Tudor BritainFocuses on the whole British Isles, exploring what was common and what was distinct to its four constituent elementsEmphasises big cultural, social, intellectual, religious and economic themesDescribes differing political and personal experiences

Sandhu, Angie - Intellectuals and the People, ebook

Intellectuals and the People

Sandhu, Angie


Impossible Subjects: Proletariats, Savages and Historical Materialism
6. The Savage and the Proletariat
Angie Sandhu
7. Proletariats and Urban Intellectuals
Angie Sandhu
Part 4. Radical Intellectuals and the People
8. Speaking for the People